Remmi is the name. 17 ..meh i'm getting old ; -; why?! pfft..but anyway I've been on gaia for awhile now.. maybe about 7-8 years my old account got.. i forgot the password e-e".. so i made this one then.. well life happened and i was gone for about 2 years. but im now back. some friends still here. some gone. and some i just met. but im glad to know you all. you'll always be a big part of my life ^^ Greetings~


Family is the society that you came into contact with first; The people who influence you first. But if that first society banishes you, there will be another society that accepts you. -Munakata Reisi

No matter how beautiful a person may be, they will still age and ultimately - die. But even so, even if appearances change, don't you believe that we have, in us, things that don't change? Even as our bodies crumble, even as the months and years take their toll... don't you believe that we all have something that time can't spoil? Even if you cover us with wrinkles, we won't lose to you. That's because we know what beauty truly is. -Shimura Tae

Maybe nothing in this world happens by accident. As everything happens for a reason, our destiny slowly takes form... -Silver Rayleigh

Accept that your life will be painful, bite back your grief and find the power to stand again. -Nakiami