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Yukiei Megurine Report | 08/26/2010 7:09 pm
Yukiei Megurine
Shin-Kun~! rofl *Glomps* I've Missed You! And Gomem Nasai For My Recent Comment sweatdrop
Crykette Report | 08/07/2010 10:08 am
**Strokes your hair** ;] Its okai..
I'm here..
n-n You don't need anyone else..
*Grabs your hand and takes you to my room* :3
Crykette Report | 08/07/2010 10:06 am
o; Whats dat?
I can't hear you.
Crykette Report | 08/07/2010 10:04 am
n-n *Covers your mouth*
Crykette Report | 08/07/2010 9:40 am
Nyaa~! > w <
Crykette Report | 08/07/2010 8:35 am
> w < *Glomps*
Crykette Report | 08/07/2010 8:03 am
Rawr? o.o *Poke*
Crykette Report | 08/06/2010 11:35 am
>D *Glomps*
Xx Emo_Geek xX Report | 05/05/2010 3:53 pm
Xx Emo_Geek xX
copy and paste this into 10 profiles and press f5 to refresh the page you will see a blue gift box floating around your screen which has a katana
Yukiei Megurine Report | 04/10/2010 12:37 am
Yukiei Megurine
- Sits in a corner- Why are you not online sometimes when i'm online? Are you busy? What's making you busy? Where do you always hang out when your online? Please answer my questions onegai... Why?When?Are You?What?Where?When?!

Shinjumaou isn't trying to cosplay Kiseki ---------------------------v

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stuff's 'bout me

My name is a secret. I like anime, manga, games, tekteking, cosplaying & being helpful.
My star sign is Sagittarius, with my birthday December the 8th. The rest is in the quizzes.

What color is your heart?

My Results:

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Purple You're an artist. You are also Very beautiful,but shy. People like you are as rare as the Purple Rose. Your power is love. Don't misuse it.

You Are Green Tea Pocky

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Your attitude: natural and zen
You are peaceful yet full of life. You've spent time pondering the meaning of life.
You are considered deep, thoughtful, and wise.
You're halfway to tantric bliss!

What Flavor Pocky Are You?

Your Feng Shui is Decent

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Your home is a comfortable enough place. After all, it is your home.
Truthfully, though, it may be a bit too cluttered and stale.
Try rearranging your furniture, donating unwanted items, and bringing in some natural elements.
You may be surprised how much more relaxed you end up feeling.

How's Your Feng Shui?

You Are a Cherry Flavored Popsicle

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You are sweet and friendly. For you, summer is all about doing your favorite things.
You are a nostalgic person. You love old fashioned things like ice cream trucks.

You savor everything. Every taste of summer, the feeling of the sun, the smell of the beach...
Of all the types, you love summer the most.

What Flavor Popsicle Are You?

Your Aura is Violet

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Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world.
And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it!

The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say

Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony

Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach

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What Color Is Your Aura?
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.
Nation's name: Lietuvos Respublilka (Republic of Lithuania. Poland calls him "Liet.")
Capital: Vilnius
Language: Lithuanian
Birthday (Independence from Soviet Union): February 16th
National flower: Rue (personal note: its flower language is "regret")
Human name: Toris Laurinaitis
Height: Unknown
Age: 19 (appearance. The nation will celebrate the millennium in 2009)
-Exists as the eldest brother of the three Baltic states,
-Used to be a member of the Teutonic Knights, but established independence as the Kingdom of Lithuania after a rebellion against Christianity
-But was often pursued by German knights hoping to convert them into Christianity. (Note: Lithuania was the last pagan nation of Europe)
-After that, became a commonwealth with Poland and peacefully converted to Christianity.
-But was taken over by Russia after a fight over the annexation/partition of Poland.
-A good-natured person who likes to take care of people, and even though he has the Baltic attribute of being introverted, is the type who will take one into his heart when he gets used to that person.
-But, perhaps it is because of this sort of personality that he holds the infamous record of having the highest suicide rate of the world.
-Loves martial arts and literature. Also, his car is definitely a second-hand car. Is particular about taste, and is known to use many flavours of ketchup and mayonnaise in a day.
Ahh, sweet little Liet! Lithuania is a people-pleaser, and seemingly a bit of a doormat due to his unfortunate history with Russia. But Lithuania is quite a strong, loyal fellow! (And such a sweetie, ohmygod ;_; )

the picture is through this link.
You are a very logical person, and look at things in more than just one way. You take time to prepare, and would be a very tactical country. The downside, though, is that you are sometimes a bit TOO reserved, and don't have a lot of allies as a result. Here's what the APH cast has to say about you: -THE AXIS POWERS- Italy: Waaah, I don't know a lot about this country... Do they like pasta? Germany: I don't know too much about this country, but by the way they talk, they sound really smart! I'd want them to be on my team! Japan: I'm glad to have found someone who shares the same perspectives and motives as me. Perhaps we can be allies. -THE ALLIED FORCES- America: So quiet. And their information contradicts mine! *Frowns* Why don't you listen to me!?!?! Britain: Why are they so quiet? They should seriously give their opinion on things! France: What Britain said. (Britain: Stop copying me! *Fumes*) Russia: *Smiles* Aw, they're so cute and quiet. *Evil grin* Eheheheheh...this country will be easy to crush with that shy and self-conscious personality...! China: *Blinks* Wow...! They're so smart! They make so much sense! And here's some extra info. for your country's relations: Strengths: Logical, intelligent/smart. Disadvantages: Too shy and introverted, and can sometimes be a bit too self-conscious about what you do and as a result can sometimes be taken advantage of because of this. Close Ally: Japan Acquaintances: China, Germany, and Italy Enemies: America and Britain

Image in here.
Your love interest is the adorable and destructive Russia. He's cute most of the time :3 but mention anything violent, and he becomes.... overjoyed??? Slightly sadistic, but well, who isn't? I wish you many happy years together :)

You're one to think things out throughly, and find most of the others around you to be morons. Especually France xD But they all look up to you for good ideas and you're harsh words of wisdom!!

You are sweet Your Allies: A lot of people Enemies: None America: This country is so nice. Their almost as awesome as me England: This country is nice, but they aren't very open Japan: She's very kind. *Blush* She reminds me of a character from one of my games. Germany: They're nice, but not very strong. N.Italy: They're so NICE! They buy me pasta, cook me Pasta. PASTAAAA~ France:I get hit by America every time I touch that country. China:That country looks like a Panda. So Cute! Russia:That country is cute! Too bad for them their cute looks won't make me spare their life. Canada: They're cute, and they actually notice me! Hong Kong: She's nice. She won't bother people with her problems

A panda rolls into the conference room with a man chasing after it. It's China (Wang Yao)! here)
"Ah! Here you are, aru!" Yao chimed. He caught your eye from across the room. "Oh! Hello, aru." His panda slipped out of his hands, on to the table. Grabbing the magazine on the table, the panda sniffed it, putting it into his mouth and nibbling on it. "Oh no, stop that, aru!" Yao pulled the magazine out of it mouth, to the displeasure of the panda. Yao held the magazine with two fingers, holding it away from him, as it was dripping with drool. "I'm so sorry, aru." He pouted the cutest pout in the world, how could you not forgive him? "It's alright, I was done anyway. It's France's magazine." Yao turned over the remaining part of the quiz, seeing your awnsers. He laughed, "Even with all this drool, I can still see that destiny picked me as your prince, aru." He smiled at you, but noticed he was holding the dripping drool magazine over France's head. Yao quickly backed up, tripping on a hello kitty plushie. You quickly pulled the magazine off him, throwing it into the trash. "Are you alright?" He rubbed his head. "Yes, I'm alright, aru." You streched your hand towards him, helping him up. Quickly, you snag a kiss from him, kissing his soft cheek. He blushed madly. "Well, for helping me, I should treat you to dinner, aru." He quickly grabbed your hand leading you out of the room. China might have missed the meeting, but he was doing something more important that afternoon, spending dinner with you! Meanwhile: France scratched his head, feeling a sort of stickiness upon it....