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Shin's sacred scrolls of shut the hell up!

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Finally, my profile for all to see

Gaian Name - Shin the Relentless
Name - Shin the Relentless
Age - 2,954 years old
Race - A self created Shinigami.
Sex - Male
Appearance - Standing at six foot, five inches tall. He has black hair that sticks up in the front a little. His skin is pale, his eyes red, though his left one is concealed by a black eye patch that has a skull upon it. He wears a long sleeved white coat that has a high collar and medium sized coat tails. White gloves upon his hands that go up to his mid forearms. Black, thick metal bands go around the wrist of his gloves and his knuckles. He wears a white skin tight body suit underneath his coat, a black sash around his waist that holds his white hakama trousers in place as well as allows him to have his zanpakuto Entei, tied securely in place. He wears black tabi socks, and white tabi sandles upon his feet.
Weapons - His Zanpakuto, Entei
Zanpakuto Appearance - Shin's zanpakuto is named Entei. It is of averaglength for a zanpakuto, five feet long and three inchs wide. The handle is eight inches long, four inches wide. It looks like a normal katana.
Shikai - "Erupt, Entei!" Shin's zanpakuto then transforms into a seven foot long, three inch wide blade. The blade turns red hot, glowing with blazing heat. The heat can be felt from a great distance, a connecting cut on an opponent can set them ablaze.
Bankai - Bakuhatsu Entei-gen - Consumed in flames that are white hot, Shin emerges from them with red and black claw gloved gauntlets upon his forearms and hands. Shoulder pauldrons, upon each shoulders that are red and black in color and etched with gold lions upon them. A black, red, and gold belt with a lion buckle appears around his waist, which is where a black bone like handle is sheathed on each side. When wielded, flaming blades emerge and can also set those that are cut by them ablaze and burn then to ash.

Shin's Bankai increases his strength, speed, and is grants him immunity from other flame/heat sources, as it absorbs/devours other flame/heat sources within the area and decreasing the temperature to below freezing. A strike from his clawed fists will consume an opponent in a pillar of flames. Shin's zanpakuto is the most powerful fire type zanpakuto, surpassing that of the former Captain Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.
Bio - Once the manslayer to the Emperor of Japan, he was killed in an ambush that had been performed by his own men...those he believed to be his friend. Ryuu Nogeki, had been sent to Hell for his deeds within the living world. He had been forced to fight his way through Hell, until he reached the Devil himself. Soon, after asking for a deal to be made, he discovered that this dark monster was not the one he needed to speak to. He then was taken down to a realm that was beyond that of Hell...where a being more terrible then any he had come across resided. Ryuu was allowed to be reborn, and given the great gift of immortality by his new master. He was given a new name...and his heart and body were discarded as his dark soul was placed in a new body.

Shin is a dark and destructive monster, he was a tyrant within the Hidden Ninja Village, he has constantly hunted Ryuji, Hayato, Keymoriah, Sonja, and Kiyo. He kills whoever stands in his way, has enslaved powerful beings to do as he pleases. He has yet to have been permantley destroyed by his enemies. He has augmented his body to make himself stronger and stronger all the time. Perfection is what Shin is after. Perfection and complete control of Gaia.
Abilities - Super strength, Super speed/instantaneous movement (due to the learning of both Shunpo and Sonido), Resilience to physical damage (Due to his skin being tempered with reiatsu), the ability to used Bakudo and Hado spells without incantation, Shin can also form a Vizard mask, granting him certain Hollow like abilities.
Vizard mask appearance - It looks like Shin's old mask, but now it is skull white. Red tribal markings upon it, and the horns are longer and a lot more demonic looking.
Powers - Soul Reaper Kido.
Other - Shin has the Hōgyoku (aka the Orb of Distortion) in his possession.


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Mr. Ryuji Report | 05/26/2019 11:08 pm
Mr. Ryuji
I if am to die it will be in battle against you.
Mr. Ryuji Report | 05/26/2019 11:01 pm
Mr. Ryuji
I will fight you till my las breath Shin.
Mr. Ryuji Report | 05/06/2019 11:06 pm
Mr. Ryuji
I wonder if you have actually vanished
I am a Superhero Report | 09/23/2014 10:38 pm
I am a Superhero
What item's are your mask?
Fyrethil Fyrexetha Report | 09/06/2014 9:41 pm
Fyrethil Fyrexetha
Hunk-a-junk needs an answering machine....
Fyrethil Fyrexetha Report | 08/15/2014 3:23 pm
Fyrethil Fyrexetha
--Distant cackling--
Mr. Ryuji Report | 07/27/2013 6:43 pm
Mr. Ryuji
Call me Hayato Report | 11/12/2012 12:53 am
Call me Hayato
I think it is time we end this for good shin.....
RemyMoony Report | 09/07/2012 12:28 am
cool avi
shadowskiss Report | 12/28/2011 2:40 am
i hope you know what a blood witch is little shin if not id read up on it, its been awhile since we've seen each other and this little sexy shadow learned some neat new tricks. its a whole new ballpark so i wouldn't go stepping on toes if i were you till i knew what i was stepping on first.

Shin the Relentless

"It doesn't matter. Use whatever technique you like. However. Once I've said I'll kill you, your death is assured"
"I'm done with you. It appears you're not strong enough to fight for me."