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Hello My nickname is Shimimi, NOT MIMI! Haha
Anyways, you wanted to know a few things about myself, yes?
Well i'm a Dog trainer, Stay at home Mom, Hard working Wife.
I have a 5 year old son, Been with my other half for 11 years.
My favorite color is Green.
I own ten acres of land, with lots of farm animals.
I'm on and off during the day. Mostly see me at evening time.
I have a learning disability. I have a hard time spelling.
I have a very addictive personality. Also i'm ADHD!
Add me on Discord Shimimi_Blossom#0245
So if this information doesn't help you understand me, well sucks to be you.
Ohh I ******** LOVE zOMG! Cap 12 on EVERYTHING. smile

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