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Hello everyone! My name is Lydia and I will be your host for this profile.
I enjoy long walks on the beach and...Wait. This isn't right!
I like marching band, video games, and painting.
Yes, I am in the marching band. I play piccolo~
My favorite games are the Final Fantasies, Harvest Moon, and Pokemon. Mufufu, trade with me. >3
I like to drink Schweppes Tonic Water, orange juice, and ramune.
I take cupcakes on long band trips for me and Thomas only! Tsk tsk, you cake snatchers!
More than likely, I won't be able to hear you when I paint. The house could fall down around me and I may ask, "Where did that draft come from...?"
My favorite genres of music HAVE to be Electronic/Dance/Techno and World.
I'd e'splode without it.

My family consists of me, my mom, sister and her small family, and brother and his small family. We all visit each other here and there since we reside in a 5-hour-trip triangle.

I am vegetarian, and I don't understand why people think I'm "nasty" because of it. I mean, They eat everything I do AND more! So confused...@_@"

Well...All good things must come to an end.
If you'd like...
Ask me questions about anything! I'm sure I can answer them, and if not, I will search for an answer.



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Chibi Koenorotto Report | 02/25/2012 2:49 pm
Chibi Koenorotto
hii lydia =d
cutiepiez89 Report | 06/07/2011 9:27 am
cool avi
A GOAT NAMED FELICIA Report | 08/10/2010 2:38 pm
x-Demolition Dreams-x Report | 08/09/2010 4:25 pm
x-Demolition Dreams-x
Thanks for your purchase! Hope you enjoy the item! You're welcome back anytime!

The Lovely Shadow Report | 08/01/2010 3:26 am
The Lovely Shadow
lydia? ur in marching band too? sweetness. so am i! ;D
LeeEmily Report | 07/27/2010 12:13 am
Thanks you made my day, thats the best thing i heard from a friend "] tnx again
jdsklfhiher Report | 07/25/2010 6:17 pm
R we gunna playz zOMG? D:
LeeEmily Report | 07/24/2010 11:46 pm
awsome kitty biggrin
bi0 reborn Report | 05/26/2010 12:26 pm
bi0 reborn
Namie_Danielle Report | 03/11/2010 6:52 pm
OwO I'ma tired
I lost the game D=