I figure if people are gonna look at my profile they might as well know something about me. My name is Amanda but only my close friends know my last name. Born in January.Im not that old, but not that young. I am now a freshman in High School! yes XD finally! I love cute things like animals and...other cute stuff ^^ I love to laugh and it is strange when I don't laugh a lot! I am known to laugh when there is nothing to even laugh about! (freak XD). I love anybody who can make me smile and laugh. I'm very easy to please. The simplest things can make me smile ^^ I would be no where without the help and support of my friends, 'Kensie, Emily, Gracie, Bri, Lauren, and Lauren.But I would also be no where without my wonderful cousin Sara! I live in MD. I live a pretty semi-normal life I guess...anyway I have 4 pets and 1 sibling (that can really get on my last nerve!!) I'm a friendly and happy person so no one has to be afraid to talk to me...I normally listen. So thats all I'm gonna say. Bye-Bye heart

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-------------------------Anniversy Poem---------------------------------

I will always be there for you, heart
and I hope you will be there for me too, heart
for our friendship can never be broken, heart
I will remain loyal through all the good and the bad, heart
and in the end we will be glad, heart
because without you I am nothing, heart
as you are nothing without me, heart
we fill the space a lover couldn't fill, heart
for we hold each others secrets that we would never spill, heart
and the day you're gone, part of me goes too, heart
because I wouldn't want to be here with out you, heart
Best friends forever you and me, heart
nothing could ever change that; it's destiny! heart

i luv u heart
-by kensie

happy anniversy heart


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Shia Tsugiri's Journal~!

Just some stuff in my life that no 1's ever gonna read...yayz!



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Report | 04/03/2010 10:27 am


That signature is the best thing I have ever seen.
That is a piece of art.

Report | 01/24/2010 9:58 am


I hope you had a great birthday... User Image

Report | 01/23/2010 5:00 pm


Happy not birthday.

Report | 01/10/2010 12:41 pm


I got on for like a week then stopped, now I'm going to check this more frequently... maybe... probably won't though.
I notice that some of you are online now.

Report | 01/01/2010 9:44 am


Happy New Year! biggrin and don't forget to post in E.E.'s forum! blaugh

Report | 12/27/2009 6:58 pm


whoa...a comment?? 0.o;;;
haha, i actually get on when i can, but i rarely check these profiles anymore...mainly stalk forums and stuff....XP

Report | 12/20/2009 10:49 pm


No one gets on anymore 8 D
Facebook destroyed our gaia lives xD
Is Kevin back in school though? Who knows when you'll respond to this though..

Report | 11/27/2009 9:51 am


@emily's topic: LMAO I KNOW ISN'T IT EPIC??? X'DDD

@kevin topic: awww...that really sucks...no beyond that...that's horrible...
i really hope kevin can...somehow find peace later on after that...geez...i'd take that so hard...i'd cry for weeks on end, man...

Report | 11/24/2009 8:28 pm


That seriously sucks though. I'd take it really hard.
Shia Tsugiri

Report | 11/22/2009 6:37 pm

Shia Tsugiri

OMG guys!
Kevin's mom died T-T
he's been out of school for a long time!


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