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Keyblade chick Report | 08/28/2011 2:25 pm
Keyblade chick
Thank you for your purchase, enjoy your item.
Susanna Kaysen Report | 07/02/2011 2:36 am
Susanna Kaysen
You mean you were the whitest person you met until you met me! Or maybe you don't rember me as being whiter because i was older and wore foundation every day..well I am definately as see-through. I had to make my avi a vamp to look like me LOL. So I am confused why can't you tell me about the weather there because of the monsoons? I LOVE the monsoons! It's the before and after that I hate.
Susanna Kaysen Report | 06/30/2011 7:49 pm
Susanna Kaysen
When did you move!? Just to go to college or like your family too? God I can't believe you miss the sun come back and you'll just wanna go back there trust me! God you're so pale apreciate not needing sunscreen 365 days a year. I'll trade you! PLEEEASE let me trade you! It finally rained last night but it was back to hot and sunny by daylight like "yay that did a lot of good!" stare
Nurul Levesque Report | 10/03/2010 11:42 pm
Nurul Levesque
heya !! Im Nurul Levesque, your neighbour smile
cool house btw smile
Susanna Kaysen Report | 06/29/2009 4:52 pm
Susanna Kaysen
u look cute yet again!. I can totally see you as the sweet school counselor who none of the students suspect is secretly a novelist using a pen name. =)
I almost forgot about the balloon animals! I just got the greatest craft idea for shoes. I also am trying to fix my beloved parasol with mod podge and tissue paper. It's working but so far I've only fixed small tears. Hmm Idaho, I've driven through when i went to Yellowstone. I pretty much hated it (Idaho not Yellowstone) so far up north. What is there to do? Well i hope you have fun. Your mom doesn't work? my mom doesn't, actually she just got diabetes so she's full time obsessing over blood readings and her food (she has OCD and no not the kind where you check the stove all day the kind where you talk too much and get obsessive randomly) that's how i started my diet and lost like 20lbs but my tummy's all ripply now *cries* I need 2 start belly dancing again.
Oh sorry no pics of anything since January sorry. My brother broke the digital camera we shared for like a week. the dog was green typical lame balloon dog. he is shrinking a lot. the attempted butterfly was ugly and is mostly deflated (I'm gong to make the deflated balloons into bracelets) at one point it looked like a hermaphrodites genitals lol or a yellow banana connected to a pink circle with a little pink bump in between thoroughly disturbing so of course i went up to my mom and made it have sex w/ itself. lol it's my hobby to try and disturb her. Yes i know i must have Peter pan syndrome.
carlos-bond Report | 06/28/2009 5:06 pm
niiiiiiiiiiiiicee prooofile

seee U
Susanna Kaysen Report | 06/20/2009 2:08 am
Susanna Kaysen
Unfortunately it was a ridiculously premature invitation since it'll be a miricle if i'm finished by next may so i'll probably finish and graduate in early-mid fall 2010 and have to wait for the ceremony on may '11 to wear meh cap n gown. I'm not sure where the ceremony will be but i'm sure not far from the area, i hope its not in the building, that'd be sad. thanks for being so encouraging. oh and we can take at least 2 classes at a time. of course college otherwise i'd just get a GED and be done with this! Pima than the Uof A if by some miracle we can afford it. My career choice is not one that soon pays off loans, typically. Either Fine Arts or just theatre. i'm not sure yet. I'm going to start out as a stage make-up artist and then be an actress. I figure between the 2 i can pay rent until i get a REAL part. I was also thinking of learning to be a tattoo artist as a means of keeping myself from being on the streets. I don't think i have a steady enough hand. I'm better suited for make-up of course and i LOVE it. oh and your avi is seriously badass! hmm i'm actually better than usual i'm learning to make baloon animals, god knows why lol. i got a kit at CVS i made a dog lol. my butterfly was a disaster though. When summer school is out i'll look for some tutorials on youtube.

so what are you gonna major in? how have you been? having a nice summer?
Susanna Kaysen Report | 06/20/2009 1:06 am
Susanna Kaysen
I'm good and you? Cool avi!!! You know it's really a lot harder at that school then ppl tell you. i only accomplished one class, well i still have to do some of my essays and take the final but you can take it twice if you fail. I'm enrolling their for the school year. If i survive maybe i'll invite you to my graduation. you can make it less lame hopefully. I'm so depressed my friend who is a year younger is in her 2nd year of college this fall even after taking time off. oh well i'm gonna go answer her message on myspace TTYL
Susanna Kaysen Report | 05/22/2009 5:47 pm
Susanna Kaysen
ok she says she wants you to join this RP:
Susanna Kaysen Report | 05/22/2009 5:27 pm
Susanna Kaysen
OMG your avi is so cute. That's the best i've seen it look it's awesome. I nvr knew you had such amazing fashion sense. (then again i nvr really saw you in high school so what do i know?)
Anyhoo i told my friend iDragonRose to contact you because right now you guys both put that you want more RP's as your status. She lives in Tucson ..i think... and i think she's a year younger than you..or maybe she's a sophmore now i can't remember i've been so dehydrated lately my brain is shriveling. well anyway i thought you might make good friends. You might have even RP'd w/ her since you do it so much IDK.

anyway how's life? Did you pass everything? Are you staying with online school for senior year? I'm starting summer school in June at a charter school (I won't say which one in a comment but it's the one buy our old HS) so maybe i can still graduate.


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