Le quest!

I'm questing pretty hairs 。◕‿◕。
Drop by my thread?


==> Introduce yourself.

Pfft. You are way too much of a PARANOID LOSER to share your real name online, even though NOBODY GIVES HALF A CRAP.

You could share your screen name, if that would be okay.
You go by the pseudonym SHERLOCKIANA, but you also answer to APPLEJACK, APPLE PIE, BONNIBEL, CHIKORITA, BIRDIE and a ridiculously large array of SILLY NICKNAMES relating to fictional characters of the UGUU KAWAII DESU DESU variety imposed on you by your SO CALLED FRIENDS.

Your interests include POKÉMON, REGULAR SHOW and FOSTER THE PEOPLE. You clearly wouldn't recognize a social life if it kamehamehaded you right between your HIGHLY MYOPIC eyes.

Your lack of SOCIAL SAVVY is so aggravating you can hardly make a proper profile description for an ONLINE COMMUNITY. You reckon this is a proper occasion to use the wise and ancient expression DEAL WITH IT, but complement it with a HEARTFELT INVITE to you PM box as to avoid feeling like a COMPLETE b***h.

talk to me?

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