C’est Shenna45.
And my French is tres horrible… razz
Anyway, uh, I’m 16 now… since, uh, my birthday was on the 18th of January and SOME people forgot about it…
Oh well.
Let’s see…
I’m working on a story inspired by the random convo’s me and my friend have…
Uh… What else is there to say about me… :O
I… like cookie dough… Sugar cookie dough is the best, but I can stand chocolate chip as long as my teeth don’t hurt… razz
I got photoshop!!! biggrin and I will soon have severe chronic back pain from using it.. D;
Uh… Games… include….
TRAUMA TEAM!!! Once it comes out… and uh yesh.
Oh yesh… I also don’t mind having friends… lots of them. razz So, send me a request, and if I rule out that you’re not too creepy, then I’ll add ya. ;D
Gosh…. This turned out super lame…. Didn’t it? :/
Oh well… Uh… yesh… I’ll add some more later…. When I feel like it… razz

In the mean time, check out these kick butt links of mine. ;D


And in the meantime, if you're nice enough, could you help me obtain one if not more of these dream avis? smile

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Report | 08/19/2011 10:01 pm


hey there. i found my profile after a little over a year whats up?
Super Kento MAC

Report | 07/29/2010 2:15 pm

Super Kento MAC

you think im not aware of this? i was basically forced into makng this anyway haha xp

Report | 03/15/2010 4:03 pm


*still not gonna reply to the other messages yet*
Psh, not as far as I know. Of course, we're not able to learn the laws of Canad(i)a often, since we'd have to leave our igloos. :0

Report | 02/26/2010 3:44 pm


Non. Tu ne parles pas en francais. Tu écris en francais. C:
Let's hope you didn't. xD
Hm, fights aren't too frequent at my school, but I suppose they happen more often at lunch. I still miss them though, because my friends and I eat in the resource room. Computers no one uses FTW~
It sounds weird. I'd rather not.
Well, if you ever die in strawberry yogurt, you know how to tell some random German person in the afterlife.
A dane? I dunno? She's Korean, though?
I'm off on Monday. Yay for March Break~
Well, at least he seems to care for you on some level! xD
My brother's been to France too, on a school trip. I...can't say I'd care to go. XD

Report | 02/26/2010 3:19 pm


Vraiment? Mais tu écris en francais!
There was a fight at our school yesterday~ The guy no one likes punched a nerd, who pretty much beat him up. It was over before I got in the main area, though.
All I know is "Si, signor/signorita!" XD
They ARE similar, but not completely similar. One of my friends, who's 7, is fluent in 5 different languages. She learned English in about 6 months and was able to get over a 90% average in the smart English class. xD
You didn't do your homework, or you got it all wrong?
I can~ Sometimes. Every kind of verb conjugation has about 50 exceptions, and exceptions to exceptions, so get use to exceptions~
He give you an answer about going out yet? :0

Report | 02/21/2010 1:17 pm


Yeah, that was right...I think.
Non, non. C'est toi qui es étrange!
Isn't that England where it's soccer? Yes, your football. Being as involved in school activities as I am, I only heard about it (and the rest of the game) from my friend. xD
Ah, 'kay. Yeah, they are kinda similar, but I still can't understand much of spanish, so they're not THAT similar.
I only got them in Grade 9, where we're forced to take English and Math exams anyway. It was also the year my brother graduated, so he COULD get them every year he was there. Have fun next year. then! xD
I can conjugate l'imparfait too~ It's a little less annoying than other verb conjugations, but I still hate it. D:
Well, that's not exactly a no, so there IS a chance he likes you~

Report | 02/21/2010 11:43 am


Too much text. X__x
How fun... D:
No, that's not the truth at all! You're just weird!
Eh, there were some bomb threats on one of the high schools and someone got stabbed at a football game, but that's about it. Your neighborhood doesn't sound too safe. :0
Ha ha, it was a spanish test? Wow. Yeah, my teachers would never let that go, exchange student or not. XD
I can't either, despite having a 94% average. They got rid of exemptions because the students pestered the teachers too much about them.
Passed with a 70% without knowing anything? Really, you HAVE to understand more than you think you do. xD
Isn't there some saying that guys like to wait for the girls to make the first move, too? If you like him and he may like you, why not ask him out?
Ha ha, that's rather consistent. XD

Report | 02/20/2010 7:15 pm


And I don't want to get hit by a car on my way to school! I have to cross a highway to make sure I get there on time! xD
Hiromu Arakawa > FMA > EVERYTHING. <-- The ultimate truth.
Oh gawd, that'd be worse than being around a French city. Dx
Yeah, I feel the same. No joke, the Mexican exchange student in my English class has about an 80% after being marked like a regular student, while the class average is near 60%. It pains me to see their written work on the board. D:
Then yeah, congratulations!
So, your teacher has expectations and speaks like my homeroom teachers since about grade 3 in french immersion? xD
Still, you must have some grasp on the language if you've made it to the second highest level, even if you don't realize it~
Want what now?
Ha ha ha~ Sucks to be you! We used to have around 10 snow days a school year, though they've been less frequent nowadays since there's nicer weather. It takes quite a bit for them to consider taking away our breaks. ;D

Report | 02/19/2010 7:59 pm


Eh, no problem. I understand. xD
...I love how I come on again and remember at 11:50 PM. Geez...
Lots of snow? Mwaha~ Now you know how it feels!
FMA > Dramas. D:<
Hey~! Just because I'm half-french and know how to speak it doesn't mean I LIKE to speak it. I don't live in Quebec, and the specific town I'm in is anglophone, despite being practically neighbors with a francophone city. D:
French 4? I'm guessing a high level of French? Congratulations! xD
But I WANT cookie dough! And...trust me, we REALLY don't need any more. Well, unless it's at the right time to cancel school. Then I'll gladly accept that snow. C:

Report | 02/18/2010 7:03 pm


I'll have to do that...When it's not around 11PM. >w>;;
Yeah, sorry, Vocaloid (specifically the Kagamines) has become an obsession, so...yeah. It's always somewhere on my mind. Japanese voice synthesizers FTW?
Oh gawd, please no French. I'm still trying to recover from last semester's retarded french play we had to read 5 times over. But you ARE following Brotherhood? Isn't it pure, epic win? ;D
You what-!? I want cookie dough for breakfast! D:


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