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Ppl I Like 2 Talk 2



IM QUITING~~yeah,i dont go on Gaia anymore. i see no point in goin on...So, i've sold ALL my items already(srry, if u wanted to buy) and im having a little trouble figuring out who to give all my money to. send me Pm's giving me reasons y i should give all my money to you. or, u can just beg until u annoy me so much that i have no choice but to give u my money(NO PPLS! im being sarcastic, so dont annoy me!!)anyways, if no one actually wants my money, im going to just divide my money to all my friends,evenly, i hope.


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Pretty Much Wuts Goin On........(meaning nothing)

things tht happen tht i wanna rite about


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muh_nikkuh Report | 09/08/2008 11:09 am
Try this out, If you send this to 12 people and press ctrl+w you will get 4,000 gold! Trust me it really works
0wn3d73 Report | 12/05/2007 6:43 pm
your dumb why dont u go kiss mark
Tek_Nyne Report | 10/21/2007 7:10 pm
You really like my stories?

I stopped making them for a while but I can continue.

Thanks for the motivation.

So whats been happeneing lately.
Xx maria_chica xX Report | 09/09/2007 12:12 pm
this is my first time ive beened banned. >.< and guess wat1?!? dominic wants to go out wit allie!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHH
Xxlil_Miss_CholaxX Report | 09/05/2007 7:05 pm
this woul;d be the 2nd time is got banned
Tek_Nyne Report | 08/31/2007 3:18 pm

Wats going on?
PSV Domino Report | 08/29/2007 6:59 pm
yea i guess its ok i have science and comps with myles
PSV Domino Report | 08/29/2007 2:20 pm
i had it today
PSV Domino Report | 08/26/2007 4:01 pm
PSV Domino Report | 08/13/2007 9:13 pm
o srry i didnt know

good so far, wish that it would not stop

READ~the paragraph below me!

bye everyone!