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A.K.A Jaque_goddess_of_darkness...(I changed my username. so much shorter. ^w^) and as of 1:49 am 01/05/08, I was formerly [-Stefums-] but the gaia quote system hated my username, so I'm Sheepyxchan now
And now, I want to start my life fresh and new...<3
So this is me xD
Stefi still loves Fi-chan [Buddehs fo'evah!]
User Image Oh Jesus that is up in heaven, it is my one wish for this man to kidnap me. Thank you and Amen. xD

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Bahaha. The first game that you can play with your butt! biggrin

~!RANDOM FACT~! Dumbo makes me cry! Like a little kid ;===;
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User Image Wanna join me? :]

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DOMO is teh shizzzz =]
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Me and Ookers! biggrin She's mine! Dx
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Jacque is currently: Procrastinating.
[-Stefums-] recently: Donated goldzzzz. lawl.no.wai~
[-Stefums-] is: A woman! -gasp- User Image
[-Stefums-]: Loves her bestie here and in real life, Mushy_Marshmellows. When I'm all angry and ready to rip your head off, she might save you from that...might. =) She's a huge part of my world and so help me god and all evil spirits, I kill slaughter you if you hurt her in any way. [I'm VERY violent.]
[-Stefums-] likes: Food, guys, friends, plushies and anime...duh!
[-Stefums-] doesn't like: posuers, botters, liars, beggers, people who think they own me, people that want xxx pictures of me and that kind of stuff. D:<
[-Stefums-] loves: Avi art!!! Hugs, kisses, glomps, tackles, pokes and the such. :winky:
[-Stefums-] is: 20 -le gasp!- and she's questing for random items...check her wish list for idea's. biggrin
Is [-Stefums-] hawt?: Yush x3 lawl@fake ego
[-Stefums-] is currently: Single.[IRL] & searching for a lit roleplay partner as well as someone who is willing to sell art or do art trades with me
Can I call you?: Uhm. I don't see why not...buuuuutt..I rarely talk to people on the phone. I'm more likely to text. So message me babes and we'll discuss my digits! :O
I'm crazy.Too nice for your own good.Literate-most days-.Will kill you if you screw up with me or my friends.Oh noes!

Look at her crappy avi art that she drew! [super old]
xx This is me and my mule, e.r.o.t.i.c. c.l.i.c.h.e', but shh! Dun tell no one! xd

xxx teh Jaque. 3nodding

xxxx xd My painted avi art. The only thing I really like about this picture are the little boingy thingies on my head.

xxxxx Bertiful art from [.Freak.On.A.Leash.]! Me and my kiki are playing cards!

oo Me and E.r.o.t.i.c. c.l.i.c.h.e`! Also by [.Freak.On.A.Leash.]!

ooo Another picture of my avi! heart It's dark I know. >.<''

oooo Prettyful artsies from Miko-chan! ^w^

My myspace!But you can only add me if you know my last name and/or my e-mail! O.o'

I am now optimistic about the way I live my life. There are too many good people, so many great opportunities that you just can't let fly by because you're being depressed.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Lookie what I got for my birthday! Yay! -does happy dance, possibly including nakedness...- biggrin

"Happy birthday to you. You live in a zoo you look like a pizza and smell like ok too."

"Nahhh thats not it this is!!!"

Poem for Jaque!

"Happy birthday to Jaque.
She been though good times a bad!
Sometimes she wished she could throw me oput the window.
But would I care.
I luff Jaque and if you don't belive me ask Mugi it's true.
We all love Jague.
But I luff her more than you do!
from Krisa-chan. I love it
more from Krisa-chan
iii Bertiful art from Aiko! <3 My chipie-chan! biggrin

See you!
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Jaque's life..

We've been on the run for days. Those horrible people killed my mother...and then my father. Now it's just my sister and I. They killed my mother because she tried to protect us. They want to test on my sister and I. We ran and left with our father. They found us many times again, but last week they found us and killed my father in the process. How angry I was...I remember it becoming very hot. The next thing I knew was that everything was on fire...Faith later told me that I had done it. They called me...a pyrokenetic...or something of that sort...I didn't understand it for a long time. Faith tried to explain it a little more for me and I soon understood. Our parents always told us we were different. I never got to play with the other kids around us because they were afraid of me. They called me things like "witch", "monster", and so many others. They used to get my sister so upset...and even more to me. I set a kids hair on fire once because of it. The bad thing about it was that i kinda liked it. It's weird for other people I guess to get used to goddesses living on Earth. So then they decide to shun and try to kill us. I obviously don't see what they'll get out of it other than knowing what a steak must feel like when you put it in the oven. Well...I'm tired and Faith and I have more running to do. I'll write more tomorrow.

Jaque, Night 5

This is my journal for my life((not real life mind you)). The begining is of when i was about 6-7 years old..hope you like it as i go along ^^


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f*cking around with these midterms but I'll manage lol
s h e e p y - c h a n

Report | 02/27/2014 3:53 pm

s h e e p y - c h a n

I'm glad you're still here tooo~~ c;
Otherwise, I'd just be a lone sheepy! But we sheepies travel in packs hehehe~ ;D
How have you been love?

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how u doing boo? heart

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MISS YOU!! ^___^ heart

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Random comment mrgreen

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ohstahp redface

4 years and you still make a guy blush at the drop of a hat.

I missed you too! How've you been?!

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Immm back
s h e e p y - c h a n

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s h e e p y - c h a n

heart emotion_8c
Kyoto NoLastName

Report | 09/11/2012 11:21 am

Kyoto NoLastName

; u ;
I miss you.


Call me Sisi~
Questing: Princess of the Universe
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I'm not playing with myself, just adjusting my jewelery