Hi, my names Shayne.
My age is none of your concern.
I dont care what people look like, i only care about WHAT they are like..you know; the type of personality they have.
I'm totally shy around new people, and im so outgoing around the people that I know alot better. I would say I'm a pretty nice guy, but I have my moments at times. People can call me a f**, or homo or whatever, i dont care..they only say it because of what I wear, and how I look. Im not gay, or bi. Im straight. I only like girls, but i dont see any problems with gay people or Bi, or lezbian. Doesnt matter. I love music.. pretty much just screamo, techno, little bit of rap, punk.

meee, small picture. C;
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I pierced my own lips. (:
lmfao, peace. aahaha,
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Edited. ^^
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