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So blow a k i s s goodbye
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Life Less Frightening-Rise Against

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...Wow...I'd made 100k from this...o.o When did that happen?
5/30 (or 31)/06: 200k! =D -throws confetti-
6/12/06: 300k! ^-^ -throws more confetti-
7/27-29/06: 100 transactions!
12/6/06: 450k!


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My Silent Scream::Writing Of A Shadow

*~::Broken Glass and Shattered Tears::~*


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firrantello Report | 01/09/2009 3:23 pm
Yeesh, good luck. 19 hrs is a lot. I think the most I took was 17. Bleh
Push Button To Play Report | 12/25/2008 9:27 am
Push Button To Play
abby i miss u lots!!!!!
firrantello Report | 12/22/2008 4:16 pm
S'ok, formedsmoke & I are without internet, so we just get on occasionally here and there. Anything mad fun/exciting going on for you lately?
[N I G H T M A R E] Report | 09/11/2008 8:15 am
[N I G H T M A R E]
User Image
apple_snapple5480 Report | 07/31/2008 9:21 am
hay wats up?
Ririku Report | 06/22/2008 9:06 am

You know - chillin', ruling the country.
firrantello Report | 02/24/2008 11:43 am
Hey you. Haven't heard from you in a while, just thought I'd stop by to say hi User Image
Einahpets.Htavroh Report | 02/13/2008 8:15 am

User Image
Fearshift Report | 01/21/2008 1:11 pm
You, little girl, need to get on Gaia more often. The Geist seems to be dying more even now.
Raiaz_Valentine Report | 12/18/2007 6:31 pm
i wast just dropping by to see how nicole was cause she doesnt talk to her big brother which is me and I know yur her friend in school and I was wanting to know how shes been cause she never replies back when I send her messages.

About Tear

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(Thanks so much Cho! heart )

"Maybe any love we ever have is an angel in whatever form"
-Echo by Francesca Lia Block

My favorite quote.

ninja I stalk MerrickTheDarkOne, trishybear, Inus_Miana, .]Shady.R!can[. and Usi the Bloody Bunny. Don't tell them. ninja
pirate I'm stalked by Roose Sawamura, trishybear, and DreadPirateRyu. WOOT! xD pirate
mrgreen .Moonlite.Tigress. is my twinneh. mrgreen
cool Rented is my fishing bait. cool
whee Sanchita Panza to Donna Quixote (Krystic). whee
3nodding Ice Element is my kitten. 3nodding
emo Saph is the Non-Emo Emo Emu to my being the Canadian Kangaroo. (xD Gotta love camp) emo
exclaim I'm DoNt_EvEr-WaKe~up's minion. She bought my life for $7. exclaim
User Image I live in Ihya's head. :3 It's nice up there. User Image
User Image .]Shady.R!can[. owns my chibi form. User Image
Warning: I curse. Alot. Bad habit. ^^" Heh...

My Mochi's name is Cucciolo (Cucci for short).
My Kiki's name is Chiara (Chi for short (pronounced Key)). ((SIL YOU PWN!))
My Coco's name is Mezzanotte (Mezza for short).
My fox's name is Nevica.
My Yeti's name is Marshmellow (Marsh for short).
My marshmellow's name is Sticky.
My pandy's name is Spot.
My dragon's name is Kronos.
My Momo's name is Monkey.
My Shadow Spirit is Kage.
My ORLY? Hat is Cowrly.
My Falcon is Birdy.
My duckies are:
One by my pitchfork (the first): Anatra(Raki)
One by my foot: Ducky (Pyro)
One next to my wing: Muffin (Naki)
One behind Muffin and the wing: Pipsqueak (Holly)
I think that's all the pets...
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heart The Princess Bride heart

"Time flies. Suns rise and shadows fall.
Let time go by. Love is forever over all."

Would you believe I got that from a fortune cookie? xd

"If I tried, I could be quite handsome. But I would not be me."
-Invisible by Pete Hautman

Friends over all.

"It's not called Lazy, it's called procrastination."-Solstice/Crimson

heart heart heart heart User Image heart heart heart heart
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Thanks again, Sis, for letting me steal most of those. ^_^ Yay for Chokie!

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And because I have nowhere else to put this...
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What type of Fae are you?
User Image
User Image
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Back after 2 long years.
User Image
Step by step, we make our way. Step by step.
Side account: Tear of Lamyel
Questing to get my winged anklets, kiki and coco back.
I don't even know what else is missing.
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Push Button To Play

If this is the Spring of our Youth, when do we hit the Winter of our Discontent?

By Obvi

By Vesty

By Vesty

By Time

By Cynster

By Obvi



Thankies Lee-kun :3

You wish you were as cool as Nicole.

*~::The Bronze Dragon::~*

Yoda is the father of meh babehs. >:D

Sangue pwns your soul. :B