CuPcAkE`s CoRnEr

You could be my unintended choice,
to give my life extended,
u could be the one i always love.
First there was the one who challenged,
all my dreams and all my balanced,
he could never be as good as you.

i have a sweet angel who`s always takin care of me,
cherishing me in every way that he can...
i love and adore him very much!!!
he`s my one and only angel!!!
he will always be.

something about me
*a 16-year old teenager
*likes eating ice cream and chocolates
*im in Mara Junior Science College(MJSC)
*i love angel a lot!!!!!!


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AnGeLCuPcAkE`s CoRnEr

wanna introduce u to my angel!!! :cute: he`s sweet!!! n the best part is he`s mine only..lolz much :big: nothing much to say besides then that.. angel cupcake = a sweet combination!!!! :heart:


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The Unholy Tribal

Report | 06/15/2013 8:40 pm

The Unholy Tribal

I wouldn't mind that at all, Sharo.
H3artless Bunni3

Report | 05/28/2013 1:20 pm

H3artless Bunni3

pretty good and you ? its been awhile
H3artless Bunni3

Report | 04/12/2013 6:19 pm

H3artless Bunni3

Hey smile its x_h 3 ar t l e s s_x
The Unholy Tribal

Report | 02/02/2013 4:44 am

The Unholy Tribal

Yes. Casey Loyd is my name facebook.
The Unholy Tribal

Report | 12/18/2012 4:51 pm

The Unholy Tribal

The Unholy Tribal

Report | 11/30/2012 7:16 pm

The Unholy Tribal

Do you happen to have Skype?
The Unholy Tribal

Report | 10/03/2011 8:47 pm

The Unholy Tribal

la petite mignonne

Report | 10/01/2011 9:13 am

la petite mignonne

Hehe thank you very much, nice to meet you too yum_puddi

Report | 10/01/2011 5:34 am


Hello (:
The Unholy Tribal

Report | 07/03/2011 10:00 pm

The Unholy Tribal

Sharo Sharo! ^_^


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