Hello, GAIAONLINE world. Welcome to my shithole of a profile.


Nothing much to see here.

Why are you bitches still reading this? Ah, fine, let me explain myself, if that's what you want. I mean, why else would you be spending your time reading this crap? Okay, where to start...

I'm an on-and-off again artist but a full-time writer of various genres, namely fantasy and sci-fi. I enjoy Skyrim more than a normal human should, and have been spending too much time crafting characters and barely enough time actually playing them. My favorite of the Skyrim bunch is definitely Cicero, because he's a foolish little bum who makes me giggle like a villainous witch. So, maybe more of cackle. I currently am getting back into the groove of my shitty artistry, as I kinda-sorta mentioned, but it's still an ongoing process. Feel free to stick around with me.

Devines know I need a friend or two...

And not just my own mind.

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Human A Potion
La Mort Rouge (Lace Eye Patch)
La Belle Ortolan (Lace Stockings)
Gloriana's Valenciennes Lace by Dernier*Cri
Custom Cut (Model's Long Hair (with SC Agape))
Custom Cut (Model's Icy Stare)
Abysmal Aria (Now Sing)
Lunar Scythe
Fall of the Morning Star