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Greetings, all!

Squirrels and Shakespeare--two of my best-beluffed things in life, reflected more or less e-ternally (hurr-hurr) in my username. Like my nutterfluffer counterparts, I hibernate when given the chance, though I admit opportunities have been scarce, as, during the school years, I often wandered zombie-like, perpetually deprived of sleep and sapped of sanity. I recently completed my fourth year of college, graduating with a major in English and minors in Communications and Medieval and Renaissance Studies with plans to one day continue on to grad school and become a professor.

English, however, is not the only language to hold my heart. I've studied one or two others in the classroom (when the fates allowed) and still more in my spare time. The list is an ever-growing one, though of those languages on it, I am most familiar and comfortable with French and Latin. I am also rather fond of classic lit, anime/manga, theater (as a participant and as a spectator), luff, equality, and free-thought.

Above almost all, I love and crave intelligent discussion. My personal views on life's difficult issues are continuously being defined, developed, and refined, and I believe that respectfully discussing these personal views and the rationale behind them with others who hold different views can be a rich and rewarding experience. With this in mind, feel free to toss a comment or PM my way if you crave a bit of debate; I'm sure we can find something to toss around.

The mind, of course, needs a rest from time to time, and the virtual world, I find, provides some marvelous respite. As such, I am a proud and passionate gamer. My favorite games? RPGs, without a doubt. Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, Harvest Moon, Legend of Zelda--if it's been available through Nintendo, I've probably played it.

Most of my time on Gaia is spent stalking the GCD and filling my post as a devoted and longtime regular at Demon Wings | Angel Heart Charity--the GREATEST CHARITY IN ALL OF GAIA! In all un-caps'd seriousness, those who frequent the thread are some of the kindest, most caring, and most wonderful people that I've come across in all my years on this site, and they never fail to astound, amaze, and inspire me. To them, I say simply: I luff you.

Speaking of luff: Waffles, dark chcolate, and all of the amazing friends who stand by me as others come in and out of my life. I love you all more than words can say; you are my eternal inspiration. Oh! And avi art! Can't forget avi art; I love it! Love! Draw me, make me a banner, write me a sign--whatever you do, I'll cherish it always!

Enough details. If thou'st read this far, I bid thee go spread some luff and eat a walnut. Questions? Feel free to PM me.

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Shakespearean Squirrel (Made by Arashi Erina!)


【3DCG】初音ミク【ねんどろいど】から ウッーウッーウマウマ

Feel the beats~

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Don't let my fabulous manchest fool you; I be female.


Mai Luffies Say the Darndest Things!

"*Sends luff to Squirrel for inventing the luff*"
"I don't oops buttox. :3"
"In the end Squirrel and I will rule the world anyway."
"Oh my gucking mod."
""Mm. Sammich. Full of sweet, crushed faith."

"My Squirly is dressed again!! Muny si h4ppi n0w."

"You nom my pasta, I nom your arm."
"I'm on the hunt for the Ditto to mother my Tyrogue"
--Echo Nacyl

"Pink you! scream "
"Here we have Squirrel in her true form. A crossdressing, very very old man. rofl "

"I will always luff you, even when you run out of luff, I will luff you."
"There be 4 SM's [Squirrelian Moves]. Caligraphy, Ornate Letter, Grammar Nazi, and REST!"

"Are you like 65, Squirrely rofl ?"

"So Kusa says he kidnapped Squirrel? Even if returned or false, your head belongs on the end of one of my many blades!

*unsheathes sword*

Prepare to die scum!"
--Evil A

"Remember, my birthday is in June."
"The 'O' button doesn't always work. ...Sometimes you have to smash it."
--Arashi Erina

"Families are good. heart Real life ones suck the excrement of burnt unluffmuffins! D:<"
--Phantom Image

"No one stays on Squirrel's - well.... you can't say no one stays on her good side because that would mean you were on her bad side which hints evil.... but you can't call her merciless gifting her good side can you? I mean if that is the case then her "normal" would be her bad side which would also mean evil. Maybe there's a super good side??"
--Kayi Eto

"I am Squirrelly's and no one else's."


Drunk Captain: An adorable one-shot by the ever-so-talented Arashi Erina! Rashicake, I luff you, girl!
For a dear friend: Another Rashicake production. WARNING: Carrots, ranch, and manchest!


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Shakespearean Squirrel's Journal of Luff

A place to store all things awesome and good. The older entries are bits of whiny lameness that I haven't the heart to delete, so read them with a grain of salt.


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Not even sure if you come on here anymore, but happy birthday sweet lady.
azndreams Report | 08/12/2013 12:29 pm
Miss you. Wish we could chat sometime.
Callistan Report | 06/23/2013 4:50 pm
azndreams Report | 05/14/2013 3:23 pm
I was going to text you last night, but remembered you have to wake up early, so figured it wouldn't be good to have you fall asleep on me.
Echo Nacyl Report | 05/11/2013 8:08 pm
Yup. Gotta finish the projects for my art class first though.
Echo Nacyl Report | 05/11/2013 6:23 pm
So many avi changes!
I saved one you had a couple ago, may try to do artz. Gotta practice with my tablet.

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