A little information

Well, I am 21. I am taken (so, don't hit on me) :]
I am quiet when you meet me, but once I've known you long enough I can become obnoxious. I closet my intelligence, mostly out of being lazy, so I come off quite unintelligent, and naive. I majored in Literature, and English back before I dropped out of school.
My dreams are to take classes for Phlebotomy, and for Medical Assistant. I am slightly over weight, quite overbearing, and a bit disabled.
I live a quiet, simple, boring life with my fiance, and I enjoy it. Before this life, I partied hard, and took no ones s**t. Came off as "hard core", "mean", and "controlling". That was the alcohol. I am no longer any of those, as I have settled down, and left that part of my past behind.
I believe in spirits, demons, witches, and faeries. I love the night, and I love all mystical creatures. My biggest fears are death, the dark, and Dead Hour.
My friends would describe me as "caring", "patient as a saint", and "big hearted",
Even back before this life, they called me that. I guess it's partly true.