My a*****e mode just kicked in.:/
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People I adore:
Mint=My Uke heart surprised whee
Tobi Shaddix_69=My lova heart whee heart
Jrokku=My sexy twin whee heart
Lady Elise=My pimp whee heart
Raguel Archangel=Mine and SB's toy redface heart
fretka=My adorable princess and my wife 4laugh heart
Get me my Yaoi!=Drooling Fanboy rofl heart
Sincerely Elliot=My Idol! heart heart heart
Akiron=My prettyboy 4laugh heart
zomfg r a w r=Another pimp who pwns surprised heart
Tsuki Kiti=My twin sister IRL whee heart
King Dorkalicious=A very smexy son of a gun. xd heart
I'll add more later once I come up with more titles. sweatdrop

My Dream avvie, A little help?...Please?
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Item List:
Bunny Luv
Bunny Tail
Buttoned Down Fauna Boots
Drop Dead Gorgeous Onyx Skull Choker

Gold Mountain Blue Vest And Shirt
Silver Pocket Watch
sunFlare pants
Whip of Ice
Winter Rose

moon kitty5
Lady Elise
The great pink bunny
zomfg r a w r
...I guess I can tell a few likes and dislikes...I may add more stuff about me some other time.
FRETKA! heart
My Tobi....he's mine! You touchie...you DIE! Why is this may you ask...because he is my lover in real life...so beat that!>=D
Arrrrrts ninja
Drawing...whenever in the mood
Theater Arts
Rude a** people
Creepy Stalkers...If you want to be a friend just ask sheesh....I hate being stalked...it's very annoying.-__-;
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Quote Collection~!

Aro dit Labonte
You're so far from shadowy, I don't even know what I expected. You're the brightest, gayest, most colorful shadow I've ever seen.

But I think I like it. -wink wink- surprised

Holy Shizzlez List~!
I think the overseer likes me because my fish weren't happy and I wind up getting Fairy Wings!-11/19/08


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Shadow's Art Randomness

Basically showing Arts I have worked for and Arts I've made.



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Report | 09/18/2009 7:57 am


LOL CUPCAKES! I love cupcakes :3
nom nom nom
Sex in the form of pixels?! No wai! *blush blush blush*
Same here! Last semester! Then what? I donno personally. Maybe finally a year off to think about what next; law school, LSTATS, a proper job, life! D:
I feel so much like its already over so I am having a hard time being motivated to get back to school, even though I have only been out for 2 weeks, as I just finished my summer semester. My summer sucked! I have a big 2 weeks of vaca, and did NOTHING the whole summer. Its like my last summer of my youth, you know where I can be somewhat carefree, and not have to worry about a full time job, and it blew. Everyone was too busy and so I did nothing. *sniff*
What did you do this summer? What are your plans for after school?

Report | 09/01/2009 8:44 pm


Hey baby boi!
Long time no talk, (oh my usual opening line...and we wonder why I never score) how have you been?
Been busy this summer? Now that its over for me, its time to get back to gaia, and enjoy what the internet has to give me in order to distract me from class.
Hopefully its my last semester at university, but then what will I do? Face the real world? Nooo I am to pretty! I'll never survive. LoL.
I am looking for a man to keep me for x amount of dollars per month, any suggestions? heh jk
M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/17/2009 3:04 pm

M i n t O r g a s m

I'm sorry D;
Strip Polka

Report | 04/16/2009 4:37 pm

Strip Polka

M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/10/2009 9:09 am

M i n t O r g a s m

Alright lol
M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/09/2009 9:13 pm

M i n t O r g a s m

Well Im tired of this crap for now

Im going to bed

M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/09/2009 8:56 pm

M i n t O r g a s m

Ok well explain to me how you did it.
M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/09/2009 8:53 pm

M i n t O r g a s m

M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/09/2009 8:39 pm

M i n t O r g a s m

Alright tell me if it works for you D;
M i n t O r g a s m

Report | 04/09/2009 8:33 pm

M i n t O r g a s m

Grr, I tried that too and it just did the same thing ><


I don't care if my avvie doesn't match or have a theme so...STFU!>:U
It makes me smile.:'D
Shadow is a marshmallow!? : o
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