When I'm Gone

Those of you who know me will know that I have spent eight years of my life devoted to my friends and family on Gaia.

Recently I have made the decision to take my leave and move on to bigger and better things. I have had very little luck with my role plays and I am tired of watching my friends get banned for nothing. Prices are outrageous for items and the only opinions that matter are the staffs and those who pay for cash.

I feel that Gaia isn't what it used to be eight years ago and I hate it. So at the end of June I will no longer be a part of this maniacal society and I will be out living my life on better sites and with people who actually care.

I am sad to leave behind those of you who do care about me and I will keep in contact with a few of you via other connections. You will be sent a private message when that time comes.

I will miss you all and I love my friends dearly. Please never forget your time with me and remember:

You can always find my in the Shadows.

With love,

Your Shadow.