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dw you'll do fine

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take piano tutorials and start with basics

my bf offered to teach me but so far our schedules are so crazy and we have no time. playing by ear=doesn't look advanced lol

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i can play violin
piano by ear
and i want to learn guitar

never uploaded a cover of me with an instrument in view

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do you feel sometimes like you don't fit
do you feel like no one understands you
you opened your heart
they went they betrayed you
do you feel like you don't fit

1st song chorus i ever wrote in 2nd/3rd grade and my favorite song
speaking of which idk where my songbook is. eh ill find when it is summer

Current song im working on
would it make you feel happy seeing me on the ground
crying and begging to get your attention
you say sorry, now i do not care
for im getting better, rising and rising
have to say i told you so

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songs i am currently focusing on reflection and anti bullying songs
since im being cyberbullied myself

poems i never save
i give them out and help friends heart

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seems everyone says that. im not so sure talk2hand
i like making songs. Poems i literally do improv
people find it shocking that i don't like poetry as much due to a teacher forcing us in drama class for a grade emo
im slowly embracing poetry though 3nodding

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sometimes i sit and wonder
atop a hill,
feeling the breeze
reflecting everything that ever happened to me
making me mad, sad, happy

no one knows where i am
this is my secret place
but now im sharing it with you
forever lost in my feeling and thoughts

the green grass reflects the calming tone
the wind to carry my troubles away
the flowers' petals decide my fate
i want something to carry me away

maybe someday ill walk
over that hill to find a well so deep
never knew it was magical
never made a wish

but someday somewhere
ill understand the meaning of nature
the meaning of life
as i keep on sitting on top of this hill forever
wondering, lost in thought

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give me some topics and ill create poems for you
Arie The Dragon Slayer

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Arie The Dragon Slayer

cool avi smile

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No problem.

Your avatar is pretty.