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Hmm... What to say about myself? I'm kind of random and reserved at the same time. I don't really know how to describe myself. I'm different more than anything. I'm artistic in many ways, but I love to be logical and critical in thinking as well. Really, the best way in getting to know who I actually am is in talking to me and not through reading paragraphs about what I think I am or what I prefer, because I think everyone is more complicated than simply just this.

Music is amazing. Its addicting and most likely my favorite part about life. I love to sing. Its way easier than playing an instrument by far, plus I think I'm better at it than any other musical talents I have. I play the Baritone Saxophone mostly, even if I can play all the other saxes too. I just started playing piano about a year ago now and love it every single time I play. I honestly wish I would have started earlier. I play guitar, or rather, I know how to chord on a guitar and read actual guitar music. In all honesty though, I pretty much fail at it. I listen to most forms of Rock Music and love any sound an actual guitar makes. Sometimes, I listen to classical/contemporary/salsa music and I blame that all on my brother...

Writing is also amazing. For years I've loved to read and imagine stories in my mind. Nowadays, I create them in writing. I'm not that great yet, but someday I want to be an actual writer, whether that be a journalist or an author. Writing is the entire reason I'm on Gaia in the first place. If you ever want to roleplay with me, just ask and I probably will. We'll have to talk a few things over but sure, why not?

Basic <3s: Musicals, Dramas, Acting, and Forensics
Art, Photography, Sketching, Poetry, Writing Lyrics, and Reading.
Animals, Going Green, Being Green, and Nature.
Beaches, Camping, Walking, Dogs, Rain, Clouds, and Fire.
Shoes, Shopping, Friends, Laughter, Smiles, and Gaia.


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lover of vampires Report | 10/14/2012 7:50 pm
lover of vampires
Dudde! Look what I found! The password to this old account!
lover of vampires Report | 08/09/2010 7:21 pm
lover of vampires

:] because i can
Tocca-Chan Report | 07/08/2010 5:19 pm
cool avi
lover of vampires Report | 06/14/2010 2:37 pm
lover of vampires
Blah. Save me, I am so bored I went on Gaia... o.O
Tocca-Chan Report | 06/08/2010 2:02 pm
Ohh we should. :3
I've missed you around, Gaia has become endlessly boring.
I completely understand, school is stressful & time-consuming.
I'm glad you're back smile
~::*Shinji*::~ Report | 05/16/2010 9:47 pm
Yay! I can't wait! 8DDDD
Tocca-Chan Report | 05/16/2010 9:02 pm
*poke* :3
~::*Shinji*::~ Report | 05/16/2010 2:39 pm
I am so sorry that it took me this long to post. ;__; But you should get on AIM sometime so we can talk - I miss you! D:
xXxangelofsecretsxXx Report | 05/13/2010 4:37 pm
hey! just got through browsing through profiles once i got stuck on this once i read your whole entire descriptin in your about me section. All of sounds soo true. You really seem like a fascinatingperson and so is wat you said was fascinating aswell. I wish i could play the piano. It would be really cool. I was once in band and i played the clarinet. xD I was like okay but just not so awsome. soo I joined in 6th grade and left tht same semester. I just guess the clarinet didn't work out that well for me. But I sing also. I love to sing it's the best isn't it. It wouldbe great if we both become singers. ^^ I admire really good singers whether they are rich or poor or whatever and use them as my very own inspiration in music. Singing is a passion. I just LOvE music alott! I also saw from your Favorites that you like harry potter. omg ! i'm like in love with it! biggrin Andnow even twilight i use to not like it and just said nah i will only stick to one thing thts really worth watching and reading about and it still is is just somehow twilight caught my attention finally and i can't wait for Eclipse to finally premiere. And harry potter and the Deathly hollows. The movies jst keep getting better and better. xD i also see whatyou mean on about what you say about describing yourself. I feelthe same way about myself. I like to think seriously mostly but i can be random too.Only when feel like it. lol haha well i just would like to say your really a awsome, facinating person. and your avi and pro are also really cool too. ^^ I would like to ask if i could be your friend?
Riiya22 Report | 05/07/2010 2:04 pm
Shadows!!!<333333333 *hugs* I haven't talked to you in so so long!! How have you been? Let me know what's up with you and your fantastic writing! ^^ I wanna hear all about it!<3