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Credit to Keilyna, for letting me pilfer and destroy most of her codes. ^___^
Please don't steal any of the images or codes, which [mostly] aren't mine to begin with. xD
Banners/backgrounds - art by Kubo Tite, banner'd by me.
Artses in about section by Kei!

About me: I'm a vaguely bizarre person who loves hanging around and stalking the breedables/changeables forum here on Gaia, and as you can see, Bleach owns my soul. ^___^' I talk about pretty much anything and everything, especially if it's on my interests list, so feel free to PM me if you want to chat. x3

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|| Ichigo - Sun Larvapuff - Wethkin, Season Sprites ||
|| Shihouin - Meowth No. #052 - PokeGenesis ||
|| Archan - Freyja - East of Eden, Equus ||
|| Jorn - Ayen - Land of the Lucarin ||
||Aldaron - Autumn - EoE Equus ||
|| Iea - Vampire - EoE Equus ||
||Rudolph - Othrys -Chaos||
|| Satari - Pupfin - Pupfin HQ ||
|| Minghai - Rock - Pet Rock Isle ||
|| Luna - Clip Clop - Clip Clop ||
|| Blank - Rock - Pet Rock Isle ||
|| Maaya - Freyja - EoE Equus ||
|| Du Vall - Demon - EoE Equus ||
|| Chu - Mareep - PokeGenesis ||

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Demyx Clip Clop Custom

-Past Quests-
A Demyx Equus Cosplay
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[Donators -- Tasah, Emmyata, Rapidashtrainer, mooshroom] <3
[Keilyna & Jinxeh - thank you for the scarf itself!!] <333
[Many thanks to NyaChu for my O RLY? hat! -snugs- <3]
[Thanks again to Tasah for many, many letter donations! <3]


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Report | 03/29/2011 10:24 am


cool avi smile
Skysong the dragon

Report | 06/05/2010 2:23 pm

Skysong the dragon

I lost the game.

~Kusajishi `Yachiru~

Report | 01/14/2008 12:00 pm

~Kusajishi `Yachiru~

Yachiru belives she has officially invaided your comments *glomp*
Caiti Heartbreaker

Report | 09/04/2007 5:59 pm

Caiti Heartbreaker

i LOVE your avi!!!
Ashanti Moon

Report | 05/14/2007 3:37 am

Ashanti Moon

Hello I'm Decay and thanks for buying from me ^.^

Report | 05/08/2007 1:14 pm


Heya1It's me from church.I never knew you liked bleach?My brother has some of the manga books from it. smile

Report | 11/19/2006 4:57 pm


Wow awsome job awsome job! ^-^

Report | 11/12/2006 12:13 am


razz It does make sense!
...in my mind, anyway. ninja

...and now I'm obsessed with Ouran and Death Note too.
L! <333 heart heart

Yeah...RL is icky...don't take art for GCSE whatever you do...you'll just end up hating it. srsly. @~@;; Or Tech. GET OUT OF TECH WHILE YOU HAVE A CHANCE. gonk RUN. ._____.;;

Demyx Equus is awesome. biggrin DD -snuggleluffs on the Jinxeh for giving me him!- I really want to RP him, but keep putting it off! ;___; He'll be so much fun to RP. >3 -snugglesquishes the Demyx-

Report | 11/03/2006 9:41 am


Yeah, I guess...And by the way, I understood every word you just said.
-Is lying through her teeth-
Yeah, so how's school been going?
I'm sorry, reality burns, I know, I know...
^^ To tell you the truth, I think your Demyx Equus is Really something. I mean, if Demyx was an Equus, he's have to look something like that...

Report | 10/30/2006 12:50 pm


Demyxxxx.... heart
but Bleeaaachhhh.... heart
I don't know! gonk
I guess I favour Demyx because I'm playing KH2 atm whereas haven't watched Bleach in a while, and the latest manga chapters just aren't as good as the first SS arc, and the anime's on filler. So have been seeing lots of good KH2ness, but not much good Bleachness. Which makes me slightly biased, maybe?


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