some basics,
been on gaia for 6yrs(:
haven't been on it so much nowa' days,
it's sad to see that i have grown away from it so much.
but i am still a proud gaian and will never quit.
i will not say my age, name or anything personal.
to many creeps out there, also i DO NOT accept random adds.
kthx. :3





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cool avi

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hahahaha yeah i know !

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you too heart redface

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how are youuu? <3

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heeyy babe.

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hello beautiful

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Well I figured I had changed in the few years since that account... and I haven't had any creepy stalkers since! it's a wonderful thing.
The people are hilarious here. And it's something to do xD

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Banned? Maybe... D: I dunno. It was a long time ago, I really don't remember...
And have a good night if you go! It was most lovely to meet you smile

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Since you have so much saved up, try and find the trend in the marketplace. A thing I was questing for was about 60k when I first started and went down to like 40k after a few weeks. smile The marketplace is wonderful...

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Lotsa stuff XDDD I have a whole thread that I post in when I'm bored. it's the link in my sig. I'm never really going to be done questing... I've tried XDDD


Sometimes the thread's too fast,
Sometimes too slow.
If the new thread will last,
Who can say they know?

That idiot keeps posting porn--
I don't want to see that s**t!
All I can really do is warn
The regs to report it.

Please don't feed the troll,
I'm tired of his type.
As much as I like grammar control,
Stupidity's the hype.

Well, we're still here, right?
By trolls, we've not been defeated!
I'll see you guys tomorrow night--
[This post has been deleted.]