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What I'm wearing...


This is the real me

Name's Kitan Hibari,I'm 21 and yes I am Japanese.My American name is Kale (why you ask? it's easier for others to understand I guess).I have a younger brother named Shin and a best friend is Ikki who is talented in making clothes and dolls (for both genders and at any age).
I have many cousins and we are quite musical.Not in a sense of Musicals,but I guess we are kind of artsy.
Anyway,I love cooking.I find relaxing to me and I especially love to cook with my family and my love.
Sorry if I don't talk much,I'm kind of the quiet type I guess,not as outgoing as my younger cousins.It all depends on how you talk to me and what about.I'm bad at starting conversations,but I'm kinda easy to talk to.
I feel like I'm writing for a date site XDD lawlz.
Anyway,I apologize if I seem distant or mad,I'm easily angered and/or annoyed,but again,it all depends on how you approach/talk to me.

That's about it.Not much to say about me.Later

-Kitan the Black Wolf

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I don't run with wolves...I am a wolf.


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