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A Dark Fear.

In this journey of our life: We are being constantly placed through three tests; two ways to fail and lose things, but there is however one way to pass, you may not gain anything, but at least you will lose nothing.


Shadow Demon God:
Creater of Gaia's shadow demon race.




Past Username: ShadowDemon67

Name: Shadow / DeVryy

Hint: I am a dick, get over it. I'd adivce against pissing me off, it's not wise. I have many friends that drift around; we all watch each other's backs. I'm also Anti-L337; don't test me. Don't ask me any remedial questions; you will get smited.

RP - Profession: An Elite; I'm an Assassin: hired hitman. I'm classified as an Elite Legend throughout Gaia.

RP - Profile: If you're looking for my RP Profile on Shadow, it's on the first entry in my journal. If I'm RPing with you, I'd advice you to check it out.

Brief History on Gaia:
I am a "Vampire Veteran" from the "Vampire Factory", the thread otherwise known as 'Who wants to be a vampire?! Vampires and Victims needed!!' - San San's thread - One of Gaia's, once, top three threads. I have been on Gaia since late '03. I have killed hundreds and hundreds of people's 'RPC's. I am known as a Legend to many; for many reasons.

I was the first person to bring about the Shadow-Demon race on Gaia and give it the proper definitions. Many address me as the Shadow - The Shadow-Demon God. I've taken my involvement in many wars on Gaia and have made quite a name for myself. I have strong pride for all that I've accomplished on Gaia; which is alot.

Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away


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Sarrow67 Report | 01/30/2008 11:56 pm
Shadow has a new account. For more details, PM me
Habitual Tendency Report | 01/29/2008 6:04 pm
And yes, those are Angels. I'm going to put the full list up in a little while. Too lazy. ><
Habitual Tendency Report | 01/29/2008 2:04 pm
Yay! Kickass profile, hun.

Habitual Tendency Report | 01/27/2008 8:46 am
You finally edited your profile... slightly.

Err, yeah.


Sarrow67 Report | 01/27/2008 12:13 am
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Smells Like Chlamydia Report | 07/17/2007 6:53 pm
Hey Josh.

I heard you came down to Jocylins.


Electra67 Report | 07/03/2007 9:51 am
How you been?

blaq_crystal Report | 06/22/2007 5:10 pm
Yea, I'm commenting. It's hard to talk to you because you're always so damn busy. Well never forget I always apreciate you. <3
SapphireDemon67 Report | 06/12/2007 6:10 pm
Electra67 Report | 06/09/2007 2:18 am
Awesome avi^^

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