This is not my real car, but I guess it will do.

Meet-up and Rally

My safe Haven!!

Belzoni born and raised!! My safe haven from a**-holes who don't understand what its' like being a Belzoni Balla!! Come down to the Dirty South and let me show you how to do it right!!

Guilds I belong to, but I guess you can't see them now, can you b***h?! You can see the one I own though.

In case your stupid, handicap, or just plain retarded, this is me. (Some of yous might be one of the above, you never know for sure)

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Birthday: 01/01/1989


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s**t I would like to have, but I'm just too damn broke to afford it!! Haha!!


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You call this a house, where the ******** is my goddamn bathroom,homie?!?!

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Buy my s**t!!! If you don't, I'll piss on your cat!!!.....and your dog, b***h!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't like what you see, ******** YOU!!!!!!!!!! I have what I can afford, if you don't like that, bite me b***h. HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

******** You George Bush.


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About my a**!!

I am a white male living in Belzoni, the Dirty South of the Mississippi. I have been here all my life, so I have grown accustomed to the ways of the Street Code. I have a Nissan Skyline which I have personally stocked-up myself. I Street Race every night and bring home big bucks. (Well, not to big, but you c**k-suckers know what I'm talking about)

My thoughts about this so-called life we go through.

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Shadow Rider 4 Evers' Mini Journal

My thoughts and outlooks about relationships and other things that go on in our lives.

Some really cool people because they choose to hang out with me instead of you losers!!

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If you are on my Goddamn Profile, let me know you were here....That means leave a message b***h.HAHAHA!!!

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Terrrra Report | 01/01/2009 10:15 am
Happy Birthday, b***h!
ilovesnow Report | 01/21/2008 2:20 pm
Mia Skye LaKrad Report | 01/16/2008 4:00 pm
Mia Skye LaKrad
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broKen_rez_angel Report | 01/11/2008 8:01 am
hiyo User Image
jfatone2005 Report | 01/02/2008 1:16 pm
I dont think that those two underneith me work to get gold.. if they do thats awesome! I want some Im in need of I am trying to get a angelic camisole..which it looks like they keep going up in price User Image
ilovesnow Report | 12/20/2007 3:52 am
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warghoulie Report | 12/17/2007 9:36 am
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Nanoha_Takamachi Report | 12/04/2007 11:43 am
Ellos =D
G_bot_G Report | 12/01/2007 10:00 am
RegalBuster Report | 11/30/2007 8:21 pm
Thanks for buying my item!

~Final Fantasy Forever~

Life and its regrets are nothing more than a trap in our path. ******** all that resent me, and just drop dead you ******** bitches!!


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