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Birthday: 05/27

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What you should buy for me, and recieve lots of thanks in return. :3


Details of me.

Well, I'm usually quite peaceful and enjoy chatting, I love laughing so I will joke around a lot, I love Metalocalypse, Runescape, Death Note, Naruto, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Guitar Hero 2, and many other games. =P

I used to enjoy writing, reading, and poetry, I'm not too into it now, it's not that I don't like it anymore, I just don't do it much.
(I'll add more sometime.)


Runescape Character Goal

Attack: 99
Defence: 99
Strength: 99
Hitpoints: 99
Ranged: 88
Prayer: 95
Magic: 87
Cooking: 99
Woodcutting: 85
Fletching: 99
Fishing: 99
Firemaking: 99
Crafting: 85
Smithing: 71
Mining: 78
Herblore: 92
Agility: 79
Thieving: 99
Slayer: 82
Farming: 74
Runecrafting: 63
Hunter: 73
Construction: 72
Summoning: 74
Dungeoneering: 73

Current goal: Dungeoneering. (No Goal.)

(Don't call me a noob, I already know I am. xD)
(Up to date, as of October 18th, 2011)