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iirapegeodudes Report | 05/25/2010 8:26 am
iirapegeodudes Report | 05/25/2010 8:24 am
hahaha ok sure, chuck me a pm when you add me (:
iirapegeodudes Report | 05/25/2010 8:18 am
I only just logged in, from a veerrrry long break >->. so sorry mad
i deleted my whole friends list too since no one talks to me off of it, so add me if you want again ;3
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/25/2010 7:47 am
Rachael Ramen
That's cool. ^-^
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/25/2010 7:41 am
Rachael Ramen
That's good because neither do I.
I'm GLAD I'm like this.
I'm glad I'm not the ignorant little ******** who is overly hopeful.
Yeah, I'm HAPPIER like this. Even though I'm not naive enough to be happy,
I'm still happy. I have become the person I never thought I would be, and I'm GLAD.

I'm surprised. People like you. Wow.
You know, you're probably a lot cooler in real life, than I make you out to be.
Because what I see you as is a inconsiderate douche bag who doesn't even try to
help himself. You know, God wants you to come to him when your upset.
DO you even think about him when you're upset?
I'm not sure if you do, but I pray every night, and I thank God for everything I do have.
There's starving children in Haiti and you complain about boredom. Go ******** yourself.
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/25/2010 7:25 am
Rachael Ramen
Oh, do you REALLY want the old me back?
The cute little straight girl who always
liked you?
Do you want me to pretend I actually like you so you'll feel better??
Well, check this out.

Vladdy! I'm glad you're online, I can talk to you about stuff. Dude, I'm drawing this picture
of a cute little bunny holding a teddy bear! And pikachu is flying around! Hee!
-Cuddles in your hair-
So what have you been up to lately??! Ohh my God, I haven't been up to anything, school is
sooo boring. I think I have ADD... for reaaalllllll... I mean I'm doing my work one minute, but the
next I feel as if I have to get up and walk around. I can't stay focused! Eeee! ^-^
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/25/2010 7:11 am
Rachael Ramen
What do you mean what's wrong with me?
I'm the same as always.
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/25/2010 7:01 am
Rachael Ramen
Judging by the way you said that, you probably didn't read that.........
at all.

Anyways, yeah, you probably have a habit of allowing yourself to become bored so quickly.
SO you go out, get drunk and have sex to cure it. ?
It makes sense............... that's why you're always so angry with me.
Because you come to me to entertain you and make you happy, but I can't always do that. And your
using me and probably many others just to keep yourself entertained.
You probably have no heart.

Just sayin. ;]
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/25/2010 6:32 am
Rachael Ramen
There's soooo much more.
Here's what I do on the internet: Write and publish my writing, critique or review other's writings,
facebook, keeping in contact with my family, share videos, share pictures, watch porn, watch funny
youtube videos, (and don't say that gets old, there are a million youtube videos to watch), get on gaia, talk with
annoying boys with all sorts of problems, go to forums and search for things, go play jigsaw, go race people in rally, dress up your avatar,
watch south park episodes, play south park games, get on myspace, post a whole bunch of bulletins on myspace, make quizzes,
talk to old friends who still refuse to get awesome facebook, get on formpspring, question people, answer people's questions, ignore the
losers who make fun of me anonymously, go look at dresses on the internet, go to deviant art, look at fan anime drawings, look at funny doujinshis, go to math websites, play their games.......

And that's where I get stuck. That was all that came out without me having to think really hard about it...
There's a HELL of a lot of things to do on the internet.
And I know it's not your fault that you get so bored easily, maybe you just need to stop trying so
hard to cure your boredom.
Rachael Ramen Report | 05/24/2010 7:41 pm
Rachael Ramen
I'm still having a blast with the internet.

You let yourself become too bored easily.
Soon you'll just be desperate to keep
yourself entertained. Chillax, smoke some weed,
throw a party.

-Kicks back with tye dye shirt on-
Peace N Love babbbyyy.



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