My name is Brittany and I'm 14 years old yay. Not much about me really. I am 14 and live in tennessee. I like horses, i have none though. I used to own a few but i decided to sell them. Long story so don't ask. I have 3 amazing maltese puppies. My dog is named Gabby which is short for Gabbana. Her registere name is Brittany's Dolce and Gabbana Princess lol. She's probably one of the cutest dogs i have ever seen!! I love her sooo much. My other dogs names are Madyson and Brie. Brie is my least favorite even though she is adorable. Her registered name is a Bit of Brie for Brittany. Yea my mom came up with that name lol. I love waching movies, swimming, reading, hangin with my friends, and other noninteresting things. I have a pretty basic life nothing to special. I am definetly enjoying it though.


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hira ioshi

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hira ioshi

just leaving a comment cuz ya asked meh lol

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dang u love to talk dont u? well me to
Eyes of a Lost Soul

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Eyes of a Lost Soul

DUDE! I love your profile!
overlord zheng

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overlord zheng



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