About me

Meet your new obsession; Name's Shylisa., Write it down & don't forget. Personally I dont give a ******** what any of you think anymore. (: I'm living my own life & your approval is not needed.I'm 15 years old going on 16. Pretty young, but idc. My birthday is on Oct 29. Mark it on your calender. I like all kinds of music., Especially techno & nevershoutnever.Pray for Peace.♥ I cannot stand all the fakes there are, like really. Is it that hard to be yourself? I am who I am. Don't try to be me. I'm pretty chill when you first meet me, but then I can be pretty random. I'm straight,. & and taken, ♥... But anyways; If you wanna know any more, Comment, or message me ,!