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JohnRL Report | 04/11/2009 8:41 am
Geistfahrer Report | 06/04/2007 10:47 pm
Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
Sie atmet dich sie sucht nach dir
Nistet auf gebrochenen Herzen
Geht auf Jagd bei Kuss und Kerzen
Saugt sich fest an deinen Lippen
Gräbt sich Gänge durch die Rippen
Lässt sich fallen weich wie Schnee
Erst wird es heiß dann kalt am Ende tut es weh

Amour Amour
Alle wollen nur dich zähmen
Amour Amour am Ende
gefangen zwischen deinen Zähnen

Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
Sie beißt und kratzt und tritt nach mir
Hält mich mit tausend Armen fest
Zerrt mich in ihr Liebesnest
Frißt mich auf mit Haut und Haar
und würgt mich wieder aus nach Tag und Jahr
Läßt sich fallen weich wie Schnee
Erst wird es heiß dann kalt am Ende tut es weh

Amour Amour
Alle wollen nur dich zähmen
Amour Amour am Ende
gefangen zwischen deinen Zähnen

Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
In die Falle gehst du ihr
In die Augen starrt sie dir
Verzaubert wenn ihr Blick dich trifft

Bitte bitte gib mir Gift
Ab-Soulo Report | 03/23/2007 8:16 pm
I walk into a dark room with only a circle of light and find a chair there with a woman sitting down. She looks so familiar and then I ponder at the question in my head.."What is today's date..?" I look at my calender to see that it is March 23, 2007. "So it's March 23 already...It's been six years...six years since I've seen you...I miss you my----
Ichigo..Master Of Spirits Report | 03/11/2007 4:32 pm
Ichigo..Master Of Spirits
Hey you should try pm-ing me or Roxas sometime.
Ab-Soulo Report | 02/09/2007 4:18 pm
A far-off memory, like a scattered dream...

I walk a lonely road the only one I've ever known, don't know where it goes but it's just me and I walk alone. I walk this empth street on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, where the city sleeps, but I'm the only one and I walk alone, I walk alone...My shadow is the only one that walks beside me,my shallow heart is the only thing thats beating. Sometims I wish someone up there would find me, till then I walk alone...I'm walking down the line, that divides me somewhere in my mind, on the boderiline of the edge in where I walk alone...Read between the lines, what's messed up, is basically everything, check my vital signs, no I'm stil alive and I walk alone....

The World of Dreams...all your answers revealed...

~Wandering Commentor
[Elven] Pimp Report | 01/29/2007 8:38 pm
[Elven] Pimp
oh looky im almost done i jus need a angel bow the v pins left and right half the elegant veil and a flame sword xd then i will look niiiiceee lol
[Elven] Pimp Report | 01/27/2007 1:03 pm
[Elven] Pimp
hey jus stoppin by

ps. donate to meh dream avi in pro
Ab-Soulo Report | 01/19/2007 11:38 am
This world...filled with sweet dreams that we long for but the nightmares of today surround us and give us the horrible vision we hate to see. The sweet dreams are not reachable to us in this life, once it ends, once it all ends the sweet dreams will welcome us away from the hands of the nightmares. To sooth the pain and mental strain we have endured to enjoy the final dream that will fill us with happiness beyond comparison.
The Count of Black Roses Report | 01/19/2007 10:44 am
The Count of Black Roses
Each day, I see myself walk the same path, each and every night my mind wanders into what the future has layed for me... With each passing moment of time, I think of the day...of the day in which I shall no longer walk the same path... With anxiety I wait for the time to come, the time in which the path I walk shall lead me away from the path I follow and into the future I desire. With each passing day, with each passing night, with every passing moment of time as I walk through that path, my eyes see what they should not see... They see how with every tick of the clock our society rots more. Everywhere I turn, I see how life is wasted on the insolent and imprudent... And with every image I encounter, I speak softly to myself, in time society shall end as I hath begun......
zan-zan Report | 01/17/2007 1:43 pm
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