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Last Login: 07/19/2010 6:09 pm

Birthday: 03/17


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hey evrbOdY DizZ Be MAH pRoFiLe N i dONT WAnt NO (niqqahz WHO oN DAT RANBOW STATUZ) ON MA S h I T !! N IM NO LIAR ILL HAV ANY ONEZ BAKK WHO IKNOEEE N FUKCC ALL THE HaTerZ! n i aiNt nO b***h im TrUe N idoNnt nEED a B I t C h boyz who aiNt ReaL! so i AInT LOokiN for lUV oN THE S h I t!!!.....................ok! n IDONTT HAV A PROBLEM WIT U EXCEPT!IF U A HATERR!!! SOOO... WATTCHH YO SELFFF IFF U NOT A

THENN ADD BUT IF U IZ GET OUT MAH' LIFEE!!I WAZ BORN AS A MACK! IM HOT N U NOT! I R.E.P. MAH BLOK! IL DIE FOR U N CRY FOR U IF U MAH WIFEY/HUSMAND/OR BESTYZ WE RIDE OR DIEE!! FOREVRR! SOOO DONT MEESS WIT MEHH CUZZ I WONT HAV A PROBLEMMM WITHHH CaTCHINqq FA ♥ WILL lovinqq thee lifeee n add me on myspacee juz ask for it!!n i dont giv a fukk bout a B I T C H NO nEEDZ FOr a b***h/FUKER! ahha DAmN diizz sHIetT GOOO!! LOL BUt newaaYYZZ ,,, ride or die freidnz for life no need to hav f** buDDeyzz JK JP!IlL Be Your niqqah TILl THe End YA FeEl ! ! IM hella Fun WEn U GET to Knoe me ! will letzz see , ?........sennd me private messagez ONLY!! aight , git it got it GUDDH , will im trying to make thiz shET Long lOL ! . i need that i need thatt hAV ME FELLINg propper nuf said i dont need no intro i need A niqqah whoo ♥ ♥ ♥
wit an appitatee !! LOOL JKK !! beat it uPp thoe i addmiteee sHieT ! i need that i need thatt hav me felling properr shiett!! u can nevr get enough wit me i nedd that i need thatt hav me felling proper lik im singing opraa!! gett the new era sheITT! i need that i nedd that im thizzell neva slak alwayz attakiNN nO need to act Lik u dontknoee meeH!! im in the function smmelingg lik watt ? GRAPES!! aYEE AYEe , smelinngg lik weeedd nn hennnyy aYEE!!! will thatz it for noww BYEZZ!!....


if you do not like me than