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all about me

Ello gover !! Im Mackenzie.
I have 2 cats and 1 sister. im a funny person
i love to listen to music
i also draw pictures and write music and i love to sing.
my Favorite colors are Blue, Green, pink, Purple, red, white, Orange, brown, gray, and black and RAINBOW
i speak spanish and NO im not bilingual!!!! jk
im irish, greman,scotland, swedish, BUT i dont know how to speak them just dance to them
I have crazy friends but ONE is soooo random Check her out her name is Pualani_220
im a HUGE video Gamer thanks to my friends
i LOVE birds in general if you hurt them . i do love animals general
i love to watch MOVIES in general and i LOVE popcorn
i LOVE anime stuff
No comment...(random) i can be WAY too hyper for you but i would live with it for now if i was you
My middle name means:
The name Evelyn is of Hebrew origin.
The meaning of Evelyn is "life".
It is also of Latin origin, where its meaning is "bird" and French origin, where its meaning is "little bird, hazelnut". awarakd i love BIRDS


saigo no getsuga tenshou

my brother

my sister