Name: April.

Age: Guess >:O

Gender:Female,Well last time i checked eek

Location: Under your bed ;]

Msn: PM me =]

Hobbies: Danceing,gaia,sleeping,drawing,chilling,texting,makeup ;D

Music: Lady gaga,JLS,taylor swift,jason derluo, Mixed :]

Friends: Brandie,Jessica Yoo 3nodding

Likes: Warm bath's,Pink,makeup,Watching movies,gaia,Sleep,cute things,emotional films,reading,

Dislikes: Loud people,fakes,

Hiiii Sooo yush i am april.. i enjoy stalking people and Capri suns xD i have a short attention span soo dw if i ignore you or doze off.... Ooooooo Nice shoes <3
Happens alot... Urrrrr soo ROWR! :3