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im just a soul whos intentions are good oh god please dont let me be misunderstood

be yourself


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m0ist z0mbie Report | 08/09/2010 2:43 pm
m0ist z0mbie
of course i remember silly.
my avatar is always dresseed in red stuff for a reason.
Angsty Betch Report | 08/08/2010 4:42 pm
Angsty Betch
biggrin nice avatar heart heart heart mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen xd xd 3nodding 3nodding blaugh blaugh biggrin smile neutral neutral question question arrow arrow arrow ninja ninja ninja pirate pirate talk2hand cheese_whine dramallama wahmbulance emo eek cool heart
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/25/2010 1:57 pm
m0ist z0mbie
dark blue?
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/09/2010 9:14 pm
m0ist z0mbie
are you questing for anything right now? or do you want anything? :3
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/07/2010 10:56 am
m0ist z0mbie
u uh poopa
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/04/2010 1:50 am
m0ist z0mbie
why poop?
Sexual Athlete Report | 07/03/2010 12:10 am
Sexual Athlete
i gotz my yeti
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/02/2010 11:19 am
m0ist z0mbie
i can help:3
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/01/2010 10:48 pm
m0ist z0mbie
how much more do you neeeeeeed! :3
m0ist z0mbie Report | 07/01/2010 11:47 am
m0ist z0mbie
alright so we are halfway to getting your yeti biggrin


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ill wait


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