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Heads Up; i used to be DirtyMandy & Mandy Your a doll.

SCAMMERS; i will not think twice to talk to a admin and i will not fall for your stupid tricks.i used to date a scammer so i know how they work.

Hi,my names SexMuffins aka; Mikaila. im 16 and i live in California.Im a Sophomore studying majors in Art and Fashion because i want to become a Designer when i grow older and go to FIDM to learn how to be a amazing artist.I am a hardcore Tokio Hotel & Black Veil Brides fan,i love them,i love their music and i would appreciate if you kept your comments to yourself. I have met Oliver Sykes from BMTH during Warped tour,ive also met Andy Sixx in Los Angeles,where he signed my boob and i got to touch his chest and write my # on him. I have many different sites i am on,i dont normally get on gaia that much because to me its somewhat become boring. I am into drawing and music,although i HATE hip hop,Taylor swift, i will KILL Justin bieber one day,and i also hate Miley Cyrus, IM A ANTI-TWILIGHT,yea i hate them -.-.

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I hope you like my items, i work hard on finding the best and giving them for good prices

you will Always see my items atleast 10k lower then what the other people are selling

saving 10k sounds good right? right!

But please no Lowering Pms because i dont go for asking
Unless you would like to trade something off your marketplace


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