[$$$]; ovaa bitchezz!

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&&[$$$]; ovaa hoez!


watchaa gottahh knoo; bout mehh'!

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Juss because your friend dont like me
or u heard of me dont mean nada! sooo.. screw what u heard,
& Let me introduce myself;

Im Brenda Leticia Coronado Rivera ♥//

you already know! But Until you know me enough to call me anythang else ..Stic to that..

i build walls to see who cares enough to break them down.
Trust is a big thing! it dont come easy in my book.

i walk the 7th grade halls of GMMS!

Im Chill & always down for a good time. Im about 5'1 haha; The Friends call me Shawty (:

Dress to impress always & always,
WARNING: I may cause addiction; try me :]

Drama ain't my thang So haters fall back! && Quit Sippin' on that Hatorade!

Married to thee Game-
im taken,,and so not intrested in you!

so get to know me!
Dont be, scared (:

Music !

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& he's all i ever wanted