trust me, my looks r better than this crap

hi im a 13yr old girl and im gonna be 14 in July the 7th. Im called stacey well every 1 calls me that but my real name is Anastasia Elizzabeth Julianne Ellis Crompton. Now u now y they dont call me my full name =). If u hv somthing to say jst comment or do a private message. if there is somthing u want to say bad jst keep ur rude words to urself and dont muck uup my comments wid silly words. donate as much as poss for my dream avi plzzzzzzzz!!!
Oh ye i fogot um plz feed my knuffle Blubsummz i know its a silly name but feed it as much as poss.

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Spirit Falcon
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Labu Necklace
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sexifox17 Report | 01/30/2008 1:20 am
hes dead
Tiiiger91 Report | 01/29/2008 11:53 pm
wy did u take rossiiii & rossi jr off ur family? just..weird...!
-yesenia-uchiha- Report | 01/28/2008 5:42 pm
nice avie User Image
Mini_Nin258 Report | 01/28/2008 1:13 pm
DLeviathan Report | 01/28/2008 11:24 am
Hello pls support me with some gold for my oculus magica im so close to get it,pls pls,thanks,seeya-
sexifox17 Report | 01/28/2008 7:46 am
yes i do know
Tiiiger91 Report | 01/28/2008 7:42 am
helloooo! lol random comment!
Tiiiger91 Report | 01/28/2008 7:32 am
hey u no u put drakolion on ur profile! =S
666Kiras_Girl666 Report | 01/27/2008 12:10 pm
srry got hacked
Tokiko gal Report | 01/27/2008 11:33 am
how you find me


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please leave a few comments on my profile plzzz thxUser Image

this is my gaia family with my daughter and husban

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Amile Campbell

These peeps r my BEST FRIENDS and we'll always be BEST FRIENDS

plz donate 4 my coco kitty plush and my dream avi ofcourse