im Rarley on this site. Cetch me someplace else..

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end of finale

Report | 02/09/2012 6:20 pm

end of finale

Wow blast from the past, how you been? Browsing around here in this old site n remembered about you! Lol alot of time we spent here, hit me up n wel get in touch on Facebook or something, party up in Windsor my treat lol

Report | 10/06/2011 2:59 pm


Hey you!!!
end of finale

Report | 03/08/2008 4:17 pm

end of finale

hello!!! SEPSY HOW THE HELL ARE YOU!!!! lol just stopping by to say hi later and pm when you get back ^_^
Sombra do Medo

Report | 03/03/2008 7:17 pm

Sombra do Medo

hi love. extreamly long time no talk.

i mean.... really long.

how long has it been? two years. *crys*

lets get caught up on things?

my person duderr is nakedddd. you have all my clothes!
end of finale

Report | 08/19/2007 12:06 pm

end of finale


Report | 07/20/2007 10:49 am


end of finale

Report | 06/22/2007 2:12 pm

end of finale

oh u added a comment thanks ill add one to !!!SEXCEEE!

Report | 06/17/2007 10:33 am


thanks for sending the love! I'll send it right back! <3 User Image

yeah I never have time for this site either...but I felt like logging in for a change lol. Hope you are doing well...send me a message on MSN sometime! User Image
end of finale

Report | 05/12/2007 2:57 pm

end of finale

Maroon5 makes me wonder.........
end of finale

Report | 04/29/2007 11:21 am

end of finale

lol im the only one botherin you lol


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