I'm Wiccan.
I'm 20.
Divorced. Relationship became abusive.
I'm a Mom.
My son's 1 year old.
His name is Anieran.
An easy way to my heart? My favorite movie.
Here is a link to it, it's called Velvet Goldmine, you can watch it:
Yes I cosplay.
I'm a model and a painter.
Feel free to message me.



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Fan Fiction And day by day junk

~*~ LUVIN IT ~*~

Eh... Day to Day on what is up, and all meh fan fictions. heheh. <3



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LOL, im not saying now... or soon.... I'm saying down the road LOL. I wouldn't do anything to you, lol if anything i'd take a bullet for you. protect you how ever I could. make sure you are safe... that is just the type of person i am.

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Aww, so you come from a family with similar interest as well. Well, my brothers are in 9th grade and elementary school. YOU DJ'ED????AWESOME heart Well, my initials are DJ and in high school I was called DJDJ because i could make a beat off of anything and turn the room to dancing LOL. Skating is fun, haven't been in a while. If you wanted to I could come visit some time and you could show me some stuff with sound systems? Ive wanted to learn more about them but reading books gets old after while. LOL I want the hands on stuff LOL

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well, if I'm ever near you then i would be glad to teach you how to do hand drums. which is what i play. If you wanted me to come hang out with you that is LOL Well, i haven't seen many female drummers to be honest, doesn't mean there aren't any or they can't play. LOL I'm sure you would be a great drummer. So you wanted oboe? My brother plays the flute, and his elbow (farting noises).. LOL My cousin plays trumpet. So yea there are a lot of musicians in my family.

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Im listening through them. they aren't bad at all. I'm glad you don't mind musicians because I'm a percussionist LOL. You are pretty amazing, to be honest.

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I'm sure I know some of the music, just can't place the decade with it lol sweatdrop I'll have to check out his music as well. So, you like listening to music? Do you mind musicians at all?

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I'm into anything with an upbeat and at least decent lyrics. Lol what about you?

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Lately I've been, I've been loosing sleep. Thinkin about the things that we could be. That song

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The song in your status is stuck in my head. It was awesome talking to you, I hope to talk to you again sometime. I don't know what you have been told in the past but you are a beautiful woman and don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise. Not even yourself. smile you don't deserve abuse, no matter what anyone says. If there is anything I can do for you let me know. biggrin

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I love this old profile I had since like 05. It just started getting bad this week. sad

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Lets be friends heart



[b:4b48ac2633]Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere, angel
I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years
Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years
If you say run, I'll run with you
If you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you would break my heart in two
If you should fall into my arms,
And tremble like a flower[/color:4b48ac2633][/size:4b48ac2633][/b:4b48ac2633][/align:4b48ac2633]