The name is Christopher.
I am 22 years old.
I am a white male.
I am military. [Army]

My Bio:

I have been and still am...a shattered soul.
I hide my pieces so nobody can possibly put me back together because I feel like I don't deserve to be whole again...
I was tortured as a kid...I was never fed, never appreciated for anything I did and was always told I would never amount up to anything.
I spent my entire life thinking I was a worthless piece of trash that could never make anyone's life better.
I was told that I couldn't do anything special...just because they thought I couldn't.
I was starved of food...I was treated like trash until I moved out of my parent's house.
I was a 140lb 6ft 3in tall person...
I looked like a holocaust survivor...
I moved out and moved into my ex's.
In two months I gained 40 lbs and thought I was actually happy.
Until one day I walked in on her having sex with another man.
I've never cried more than that day. I packed up all of my stuff that day and sat by a McDonald's waiting for someone to take pity on me.
Somehow my parents went to the same McDonald's that day, all I wanted to do was to be accepted...
I was not allowed into the house...
I had to live in a small trailer they had bought. It had no power, no water, no plumbing, nothing...I lived there for 2 months until I walked to the recruitment office.
I joined the army a month later and completely disowned my entire family for the years of torment.
I vowed to never lie to anyone ever again.
I vowed to never drink, to do drugs, and to live life like I want to live it. I vowed to treat people the way I was never treated...you think I am nice? I am only nice because I was always treated like s**t, my own family ******** hates me...I never even got to say goodbye to my two sisters...
My entire existence...gone in a flash and I was shipped to the military.
You never know what you had until you lose it...I figured that out when everything I've ever loved got pushed away by my own mind.
I started to think I wasn't worth anyone's time, like I was the main reason people weren't happy
I used to spend lonely nights in my shower crying and banging on the walls thinking it could all end if I killed myself.
I have the ******** heart of a champion and the skin of steel because I no longer care about myself. I care more about everyone else so much that I put everything I ever wanted to do on the back burner and tend to other people...

That's why I trust nobody.
I am only a gentleman because of the hardships I've been through.

Want to know more?
Contact me any time via Email: Cjrank.cs@gmail.com
Message me on Gaiaonline.com
Via my Kik: Cjrankxx

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I am most known for:

Being truthful
Being a gentleman

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