Find J/7 fanfics and love the femslashiness. Every time someone finds J/7, an angel comes down from Heaven and punches Britney Spears in the face for being a virtual stripper/dominatrix in her performances.

Find B/7 fanfics and revel in the femslash love. Every time someone finds B/7, an angel comes down from Heaven and kicks Chris Brown in the balls for beating and then ******** Rihanna.

Find J/B/7 fanfics and drown in the BEST femslash threesome in the whole damned planet. Every time someone finds J/B/7, Janeway, B'Elanna, and Seven team up and kill both Britney and Chris! =D
Oh, and according to a site online that looks up names and how many people have the same name in the world, I'm the only Sarah with my last name ON EARTH. I'm awesome like that. I'm the only one like me. SWEET.



Sarah's Personal Log

Please note: I tend to ramble a lot, so if you don't like long posts with virtually random stuff, GO AWAY.

I will log the events of my day, no matter how sad or happy, no matter how random, etc. All in the Star Trek style of log entries. DUH. If you see my avi, you'd know I'm a Trekkie. So, yeah.


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Thank you!
The Outlaw Witch

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The Outlaw Witch

I like your avatar.

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No problem, Yoko. My pleasure! ^,^
Yoko Meyrink

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Yoko Meyrink

thanks for shopping

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hey came across your profile via your sig and

1. your sig totally rocks biggrin
2. J/7? oh hells yeah =D
3. you avatar rocks biggrin
Dollie Anne

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Dollie Anne

Niiice. Love the Gir song, and the first comment. I give it a 10!

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We are Borg. Prepare to be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile...


Janeway: I love what you've done with Astrometrics. Where'd you get the idea?
Seven: Haven't seen Generations, have you?
Janeway: Sure I have! That's the one where they killed off Picard.
Kim: Kirk, moron.
Janeway: Sorry. I'm not a nerdy Trekkie like you.