Cmnt. l Stlk.
If it wasn`t obvious his name is Seth.
He`s not dating; He's taken by a girl he loves.
er name?. You stalker; Her name's yajaira.
They make such a cute couple(:
Seth has fantastic friends. Their like Family.
Can't get enough. :B
Ok, So about this felloww.
He's really sweet. He can make you laugh.
He's suchh a pervert But thats the way he is;
And we love him the way he is. (:
Anyways, Seth is full of ideas so respect them. o:<
He dosen`t like people that make fun of his friends.
So think before you go off running your mouth.
Seth is a sweet boy.
He's going to college.
Soo, That means he's officially a big boy. ;D
So, I gets thats it for now.

Btw:; Yea,
Angie Was here. (: