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Birthday: 10/18

I am an artist

I am the sea... There is a world inside of me. Lost in the abyss, trapped in the deep. No set of rules could salvage me. Don't need a shipwreck, no we don't failure to radio, fend for ourselves... We just watch the waves crash over. We all get cast out to sea.


Whats your name?
-Girl Name: Brigitte Corbin
-Boy name: Seth Corbin (I go by this name)

Boy or girl?
-Boy born in a girl body

Where do you live?
Southern California, Tarzana

How old are you?

Sexual orientation?

Are you a virgin?

Are you single?
-Yes indeed

*I delete my comments after I read them.
If I like one I will save it as a picture for
reminiscing, hahahaaa.... no.

My Aquarium

Your aquarium is undergoing maintenance!


Just close your eyes and listen...

I Can Hear You Breathe... Are you Breathing? I Can help You stop.

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