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Birthday: 05/30

I'm a Reverse Trap irnl ❤

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About ʕ ﹷ ᴥ ﹷʔ Seto

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Welcome Lost Child!

This is Setoshi kunn's profile!

Birthdate is 5/30/97

Art/Singing/Gaming/Poetry is my Hobbies

I'm not much of a noodles or Pho fan.

I am Gamer; & Boyish lol.

I'm Asian; Khmer/Chine/Viet/French.

I don't play Gaia as often.

I'm about early 20's, currently going to College.

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I music write my own songs; I play the Ukulele.

I joined gaia ever since i was 9;

but all my older accounts were hacked lots.

I I'm Pansexual; I like Frying Pans [joke].

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Current Status: Single, but Taken in the Future*
[By someone I love currently]*

I own 2 Instagram pages; go follow me @


I also sometimes either shitpost or post art on Tumblr @


My Discord is @

Setoshi #6361

emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

Cosplay Outfits Wanted :

Items Needed :

Hime Bangs Haircut | 99,8oo,ooo,ooo Gold

Darling, Oni-ly You | [no sellings listed yet] :C

Prescient Tenacious Love | 🗹

Consort of Aurelian | 🗹

Nemesisters | 🗹

Agape Catharsis Lucem | 🗹

Demure Exorcinner | 🗹

Warring Songstress Locks | 115,ooo,ooo,ooo Gold

XII- 17 | 🗹

Monarch's Gaze | [no sellings listed yet] :C

Royal Talker | [no sellings listed yet] :C

Current Money r8 nao : 4,138,975,6o3 Gold

I have a Turtle's Heart


Lovely Stalkers

Fierce Orgasms on 06/28/2019


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Carrionmon Report | 07/15/2018 2:45 am
Even better cause it's 4:44 here, my favorite time. Thanks for selling =D <3
Flynn Cocco Report | 09/09/2017 5:39 pm
Flynn Cocco
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CMYKetoshi :3c

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Yande-Feshuko :3c

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doman asphodel
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Jenni Dearest
Merkin VIII
Monster Meido

Want to see my art? Scroll all the way down lol.

Favorite Outfit(s) ʅʕ•ᴥ•ʔʃ

someone i do not trust as much,

Peeps Above i already adore within 2 minutes of being in towns.

I go by many petnames :

Setoshi Kunn [Seto]
Have a Seatoshi
Inner Kermitoshi
Lennitoshi Hime
((I have more))