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I live in a dinky apartment with the charming husband and our two butterball kitties and a fluffy Pekingese. Always looking for a new anime to watch so recommend me one that you enjoyed in the comments and I'll look into it!
[I used to go by Jimmedy]

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Silox_Silvermane Report | 09/21/2019 7:57 pm
Hello. I like how your avi looks. Really cool. 3nodding

You're profile says you are looking for new anime. Have you seen Log Horizon and That time I got reincarnated into a Slime? They are very good animes. Have a great day. cool
syrichtalaze Report | 11/03/2018 11:38 pm
lol the kids said they were spooked when they knocked at my door. it was probly cuz one of the streetlights goes off & on randomly and it gets real dark. not a whole lot goes on in domingoland. i did rly bad when i went to uni a year ago and i havent been up in my spirits since. well there was my grandmas bday during the summer where a whole lotta relatives flew into town and we partied a lot and drank a lot for a week. i gotta get a job but i have trouble getting myself outta the house besides walking dogs. i know it looks like im doin pretty bad but its not nearly as bad as it seems. oh yeah, i still gotta show puppy pics. i'll send em through phone tomorrow!
syrichtalaze Report | 10/28/2018 10:15 pm
LMAO I SWEAR these pups actively try to take a piss when i'm looking away. sometimes i'll be cleaning up a spot and the other one takes a leak right behind me. i'm pretty sure the whole place smells like dog piss now and i've just come accustomed to it. i'll take a pic of em tomorrow cuz everybody asleep idk anything about dog breeds
oh and thanks lol my head stopped aching just in time to give out candy to some brave kiddos
syrichtalaze Report | 10/26/2018 12:06 am
ive been kinda sick but good. taking care of a couple of pups still living with the folks. yo but these pups tho... THEY WONT PEE ON THE POTTY PADS scream
syrichtalaze Report | 10/24/2018 11:53 pm
oh right yeah i had a name change lol hows it been!
syrichtalaze Report | 10/22/2018 8:09 pm
oooh jerky wink
BlingQueen BQA Report | 11/04/2017 4:48 am
Hi, I see you're and old Endless-Online Player! biggrin Here, a list of website for you

The website Here is where you can downlaod a private server that has about 40-60 players on it AND active Admins. This is a copy of the Main server too so it's JUST like old EO. You might need to open the Endless Online folder, go into config, go to graphics, then select the "Play game in a window" instead of fullscreen.

And Here you can find the online list/top guilds/items/ and more!

Also check out my EO art work on my public FaceBook or my Deviant Art Page

AND my active YouTube Channel Here!

Need a guild to join? BQA BlingQueen's Army is the new guild for old RA Rambos Army guild. We are #3/100 top guilds
jing jings Report | 10/15/2017 7:33 pm
heart heart heart heart
jing jings Report | 03/08/2017 6:26 pm
Hey Jimmedy, I was going through my old gaya and saw you.
not sure if you really get on or not or even remember me, but I thought I'd say heyyy.
We used to be tite.
H0sHi Kuma Report | 02/27/2017 7:32 pm
you play ffxiv? what server? ive been on/off for like 2 years lol. Breath of the wild looks super cool, I'm exicted for the FE titles coming out.

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