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Hey-O, lurkers! I'm Serreniity, and yes, I know the proper spelling is serenity, however, someone got to it before I did. /shakes fist
I got the name from the movie Serenity so that should give you a clue as to how long I've been here on Gaia. Which surprises me since all I do here is roleplay.

Yes, I'm a roleplayer. I usually make my own roleplays, but sometimes a join others if it looks interesting. I rarely do one on ones. I've tried it before, didn't work out too well. Maybe it was just with the wrong person? Maybe you're the one? emotion_kirakira

I love roleplaying all sorts of genres, but the thing I love most is a great roleplayer. I've met a few amazing people that truly made me smile with their literary skill. Sadly, one of them I'll never get the opportunity to roleplay with ever again.

Lately, I've been feeling a little crazy and sometimes even a bit impetuous with my words. So for all you sensitive cupcakes, if I cross the line, just whip me back into it. Nngh!