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Registered: 11/10/2010
Born a 22 september 1997
Current statut: Chatting and playings!
Where you can find me;
DeviantArt | Tumblr | Questing
Twitter | GaiaArtShop | GaiaStore

Who am I
°I go by as Serkkiit or Losange, you can call me Serk, Sa, Los. I'm every bit friendly to people, but trust me I got quite an attitude. I speak French and English, currently learning Spanish, I draw and play video games a lot. I'm also admin on a youtuber's discord so due to obligation online, I'm not very social most of the time around school breaks and the likes.°

Questions times;

Favourite color?: Blue and orange.
How long have you been drawing?: I started taking art more seriously at around 2014, otherwise I've been drawing since early childhood at around the age of 7.
Do you take request?: Depend on your definition of "request".
What's your deal with the word cute?: People ALWAYS CALL EVERYTHING CUTE and it genuinely piss me off, it's not a compliment anymore, to me it's just a easy way to tell me my art isn't worth your time. I'd rather people not comments if they don't have time, you don't have to feel obligated to comment, really. I'm fine with you enjoying my art in silence.
Why are you mean?: Thing is.. It's your fault for expecting me to be nice 24h/7d.
Why is there so many diamond shape?: It's my favourite shape, in french it's called a "losange".



⬧Favourite forum; Archievements.
⬧Do you RolePlay?; Yes.
⬧Favourite GaiaOnline game; zOMG!
⬧Favourite GaiaOnline item; Cruel Don't Give A.(Never take it off ⬧my avatar, lmao.)
⬧Favourite number?; Three, trois, tres.


⬧Games I play.⬧
♢Fire Emblem Heroes; 3954820057
♢Crusaders Quest; Serkkiit
♢Final Fantasy 14; Malboro
♢Splatoon2; 6286 3469 0208
♢Splatoon1 and Smash4WiiU; Serkkiit
♢Smash43DS; 1891 1725 8317




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Registered: 11/10/2010

Birthday: 09/22

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