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Keiko Vixen Report | 04/10/2013 7:52 pm
Keiko Vixen
Your profile is confounding me...I can't seem to add you as a friend! Amazing page, bt-dubs..
mjcausey Report | 07/26/2012 5:32 pm
Thanks! Any new friend I get goes up there so far I'm at 254 and counting. :3
littlemonster45 Report | 07/09/2012 7:18 pm
turtleni Report | 02/05/2012 11:14 pm
lol you're profile is hiliarious! xd
Lily-Rain77 Report | 11/03/2011 7:27 pm
Hey Sexy,
it HAS been a long time.
How are you?
I'd just like to say that my bff is getting married and I'm walking him down the isle, I'm so exsited!
Belle Lucille Report | 10/30/2011 4:00 pm
Belle Lucille
Heya Sirius! : O
Sullen Hiroki Report | 07/06/2011 7:48 pm
Sullen Hiroki
Yep, ty for noticing biggrin
The Padfoot Report | 07/01/2011 1:41 pm
The Padfoot
Baw. Thanks. ;w;
Sorry for the uber late comment btw, I'm not on Gaia often.
Sullen Hiroki Report | 06/30/2011 8:26 pm
Sullen Hiroki
I Andromeda Tonks I Report | 06/28/2011 6:44 am
I Andromeda Tonks I
Sirius Black, you've managed to put your mum in a right state!

I am Sirius -amazing- Black

My name is Sirius Black. I am one handsome devil, and everyone knows it. I bet that's what you're thinking right at this very instant - wow, I fancy that man, and wouldn't mind snogging him into next year! (STOP LAUGHING, JAMES!)

Ah, James, Remus and Peter. They're my best friends. I just dunno what I'd do without them. I think any of us would gladly die for the other... but that's not important. What IS important is that I have a horrible mother, so to cope Remus has introduced me to this silly muggle site. Merlin's beard, it's so weird. Hehehe, that rhymed.

Hmm.. what else should I say? Oh, I probably shouldn't have mentioned 'muggles' but then again, any muggles won't get the term, and any fellow, ahem.. wizards.. on here will surely contact me. I am a genius! ..Oh, wait. Remus just pointed out that I mentioned possible uses of wizardry. So just to clarify, when I say wizards I'm only kidding! Haha! Er, I mean, it's part of a clan I'm in. (Ow! James that hurt you meanie!) I mean it's part of a club I'm in. No clans. I'm not a vampire. Nor am I a werewolf. (Ow! Remus!! James just hit me, did you really have to?!)

I suppose I'm just rambling now, so that's all. REMEMBER LADIES - HANDSOME DEVIL HERE. But, you know... if Moons- Remus - admits he loves me first, then I'm afraid I'm off the market.

(OOC: A girl the other day asked me if I roleplayed. She didn't understand why I laughed at this.
Looking for someone to play with. I'm not picky. Nor am I any good.)


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Gender: Male



I know these people in real life! They rock ^_^

(Hiding from Sirius)

Brilliant avatar art.
Thank you!

Looking for easygoing town cosplayers/roleplayers.