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Humorous, insightful and just plain stupid quotes about writing (and other stuff). I don't always ask permission to use someone's quote, so if you find your quote here and want it taken down send me a PM.

Dear 111 chat thread regulars,

It has become evident over the past few years that the purpose of this thread, which was to be a community building experience for the Writers Forum participants to kick back and relax, has turned into a flame-fest, where new users are made to feel unwelcome, and the only community being fostered is a small clique. For small cliques to hang out in hang out threads, we have created the Friends Chat forum. You are allowed to create hang out threads there, and keep any sort of rules you'd like. The vigilante "rules" being enforced in this thread are not conducive to the experience of WF users not in the "in" group, which is why we've decided to remove the 111 thread from the Writer's Forum.

Please fasten your seatbelts as we fly over to the Recycle Bin forum, where you are welcome to remain with the thread. Any attempts to create a new hang out thread will be treated as spamming, and will be removed from the WF.

If any part of this needs clarification, please feel free to send me a PM. Thank you for your cooperation.

WF Moderators

They're fancy talkers about themselves, writers. If I had to give young writers advice, I would say don't listen to writers talk about writing or themselves.

Sergeant Sargent
My character's name is Lucas Parker, and I have a story to tell:

"Lucas" is the full form of the name "Luke." "Luke" is also the name of a Jedi called Luke Skywalker. Lucas is named after Luke Skywalker. Lucas is not a Jedi, although he is very strong in the force, and by that I mean Lucas is quite a strong willed fellow. Lucas does not know who his true father is, and he never will. However, Lucas does know his mother. Lucas spends three years on a live stock farm owned by Godwin, the brother of Lucas's former care taker, Julian, but Lucas does not consider Godwin his uncle. Lucas does not go by Luke.

"Parker" is an English name meaning "keeper of the park." Lucas Parker likes the outdoors.

"Parker" is also the last name of Peter Parker. Lucas is not named after Peter Parker. Peter Parker is a Spiderman, Spiderman; he does whatever a spider can. Lucas Parker cannot do whatever a spider can, but he does do some things a spider can. Is he strong? Listen Bud, he's got superhuman blood. Can he swing from a web? Not so much. Hey man, he's not a Spiderman!

My vampires are tall, slender, have pointed ears, and live in the trees. They don't drink blood and are, in fact, vegetarian. They wear green, tend to keep their hair long, and act like smug know-it-alls most of the time. They like to say that they are the elder race, seeing as they live for such a very long time and have been around before humans, but that's utter balderdash, seeing as the werewolves (my version of werewolves are giant tree people who walk around when they feel like it but usually prefer to stay stationary) have been around much longer.

Sergeant Sargent
Sergeant Sargent
I've never really had a problem hurting my characters. In fact my favorite thing to do is shoot them. rofl



Most of them are vampires though, so it's okay to shoot them! One of my vampires got shot three times in the balls. Sure, it hurt so bad he probably pissed his pants, but they still grew back.

rofl rofl rofl
you're sick


Jasper Riddle
Hazel-Rah the Rabbit king
creativity is the passing of genetic code onto to paper. meaning, it's when you put your own true self into words.
So wait, bleeding onto paper is creative?

I think she uses it as an excuse to make her characters randomly Japanese-named English people in medieval England.

Sergeant Sargent
I have never played WoW.

Good thing/bad thing?

Playing WoW is a good thing/bad thing in itself. On the plus side it's fun. On the minus side it devours your soul.

But what do we need souls for anyway, amirite?

Souls are for soul shards!

The Skittle Master
but story's tend to sound better to me if you don't add ther name's. cuz when you do you spesafei to much of the charicter. and that doesn't make the story as interesting to the reader's on the inside.

Sergeant Sargent
Well you could always have somthing happen to them whenever they feel a certain emotion. For example, my character Luna transforms into this dark-fairy-princess-thing (Luna's a fairy to begin with) named Rosette whenever she becomes angery.

That's not really a curse...

******** amature, get a damn name for it, and stop reading sailor moon!

Well, it worked for Dante.

Not to say that you're Dante, but w/e.

Sergeant Major Bloodshed
Sergeant Sargent
By replying to this thread I am proliferating the problem of people bitching about vampires and bitching about people who write about vampires.

And so are you.

Shut-Up! You and M always ******** up my gravy trains. If you keep quiet, I'm looking at an easy thousand gold for playing with this girl.


MajKai Nis has ninja tits
i write for the promise of riches and exotic tail.


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Hear my thoughts pathetic human!



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Turns out, I'm about a week out from having worn it for a full year.

I get bored and come and be a sarcastic a** here from time to time these days.

Plus, the way I see it, I can be the a** here that I can't be to my students when they do stupid ******** s**t like write a five paragraph essay. Honestly, a lot of k-12 English teachers would be put up against the wall if college instructors ruled the world.

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Hmm, there is a bit of drama, isn't there?
You'd think the hormones would have calmed down in most people by now.
But it's not all bad.
I'm alright, I've not been frequenting Gaia nearly as much as I used to, but I'm getting on more often now...when I'm not doing schoolwork and 'learning'.
What are "breedables"?